Thursday, August 28, 2008

here's another one!

now one of the defenders' catchers is in san fran! i only saw pablo sandoval play one game (it was one of the doubleheader games on the 8th), but i still saw him play. and lincecum won. (this was yesterday) and there was a funny picture of him pitching. it looks like he's gonna fall over :)
(and i just realized that the giants have halloween colors 'cause i did the link in orange and black which is their colors.)

woohoo school. the only homework i've had so far was to get all of those stinkin' forms signed and to analyze a quote and a picture for u.s. history. i hate second lunch.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

really random article

baseball stadiums always seem to have something silly going on, like how there was a minor league team that sponsored a race where teams of 3 would race around the bases in pairs of size 100 underwear (one person in one leg hole, one in the other and one in the middle). here's what they did over the weekend in good old kauffman stadium.


grr thing #1 this morning: school starts tomorrow. meh.

grr thing #2 this morning: it was really windy last night and my window fan decided to go skydiving at about midnight so not only did it make a huge crash that scared the living crap out of me, it knocked over my plants, so i had to get out of bed, try to rescue my plants, put the dirt back in the pots and now i have dirt all over my floor that i have to vacuum up.

grr thing #3 this morning: red sox didn't play last night and the royals lost and I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHY I CHECKED THE BOX SCORE 'CAUSE I KNEW THAT WHO I WAS LOOKING FOR WASN'T GONNA PLAY!

(grr thing #4, 1:09pm- changed the format and now i can't get some of the colors right. i hate myself right now for changing it)

but happy whatevers on sizemore joining the 30-30 club.

and now for something completely different...

random picture of my dog!

Monday, August 25, 2008

yay birthday extended!

went to a defenders game, they lost but that's ok. and a lot of the runs scored for both the seawolves and the defenders were off homeruns. and i was making comments about the other team, like how mr. #3 for the seawolves had a hole in his pants which i thought was really funny. and when mr. #3 stood next to mr. #25, he looked REALLY short. (well, that's comparing 5'9" to 6'5"). and my dad thought that some of the guys had names that sounded like things you'd get at taco bell.

the red sox won 6-5 in 11 thanks to lowrie's solo home run in the 11th, and ellsbury did a 'johnny-damon-run-into-the-wall' catch (he actually caught it though) and actually lost a contact 'cause when he ran into the wall, the wall hit his glasses and his glasses hit his eye.
i think he even cut his eye too (10:25 edit- he did. and his shoulder, too), but he stayed in the game after a long time of laying on the ground, dazed (i now understand what an injury delay is). yikes. i hope he feels better. dangit if he gets hurt too then who am i gonna watch?!?!?!

and the royals won 7-4 against the tigers (which is kinda funny 'cause the seawolves are the tigers' AA and i was wearing my alex shirt to the game.) bad thing is that alex is officially on the 15-day DL for a strained quad. now i'm confused. is it a strain? the hip flexor? a muscle tear? make up your minds, people.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

yay it's my birthday!

that's all. :D

Saturday, August 23, 2008


ok, yesterday was my party, happy happy whatever but i am REALLY UPSET RIGHT NOW! read the first paragraph of this and you'll know why.

(7:11 pm- yikes. i didn't realize how bad the injury was:
"He's got a tear in the upper right side of his leg in the groin area," Hillman said. "It's actually a deep hip flexor tear. A tear is never good when it's a muscle. It's not a matter of days. It is probably a matter of weeks."
now THAT is not good.)

no, alex! you're too awesome! WAAAAH!

so now it's tia and ian kinsler and beckett still (i think) and mitch maier (royals outfielder, got hit in the face with a pitch and fractured a few face bones) and jd drew (herniated disk) and now alex (torn leg muscle)! *über pout!*

so yeah happy birthday to me whatever I'M MAD NOW MY WEEKEND IS RUINED!
(i was having a good weekend and now THIS comes up! wtf?!)

(good note: lincecum won last night and ishikawa hit another home run. but that doesn't really cheer me up.)

Thursday, August 21, 2008


not good yesterday for the sox or the royals.
sox: lost to baltimore 11-6, buchholz is being sent down to AA after giving up 5 runs in 2 and a third innings (and he hasn't been doing so hot in the other games), beckett is still with his weird hand numbness and won't pitch until next week probably
royals: lost to cleveland 9-4, maier got hit in the face with a pitch and was put on the DL with 3 fractures in his face (ouch), and hochevar is being sent to the DL for something related to the other night's game hold on let me check... aha! a 'bruised ribcage'. and one of their other pitchers got sent down to AAA.

and band camp? not bad, but still kinda weird. my arm still hurts a little (but it only starts after lunch 'cause i'm outside so much. it must be the sun.). and i got stuck between the same two freshmen for the stretching/awkward massage thing, which now includes karate chops (and the really tall kid made it clear to me that i was short and he physically had to bend his knees and crouch down to reach my shoulders. i could've decked him.)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

another oh no!

this time for alex. it's only a minor oh-no but it's still a cause for a bit of concern. here's the article.

ok. get better tia and kinsler and beckett and alex! and anyone else with a booboo that i failed to mention that i remotely care about. and me! :D

... (not sure what to title this)

so, sox won royals lost (not surprised) but what makes me more mad is that alex didn't play. i realize that everyone needs a break every once in a while but they had the day off on monday!

anyway, just read another article about kinsler, and i added a funny quote to my 'random quotes from real people' sidebar thing. just so you know.

and i have that not-sure-if-it's-an-allergic-reaction-to-my-sunscreen-or-if-it's-sun-poisoning thing again and even though 'top gun'-ing people (a.k.a. clotheslining them while marching through their group) yesterday was a lot of fun, it aggravated my arms and made them hurt.

ooh! band camp update! so it's kinda weird how we start our day with stretching (i'm sure we get weird looks from cars passing by), but the worst part is that we had to massage the shoulders of the person in front (and then in back) of us and i was stuck between two freshman guys: one of which was a yankees fan (awkward for my sox fan-ness), and the other was really tall so i had to practically had to put my hands over my head to reach his shoulders (not good for self esteem from being shorter than a freshman). yesterday wasn't so bad 'cause one of my band buddies was in front of me (and the really tall kid was behind me again. still a little weird.). oh well. day 3, coming up.

4 days left until my birthday! yay!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

oh no!

yeah, same first post as ellie's blog: kinsler might be out for the rest of the season. i'm bummed 'cause he was one of the reasons i watched the rangers/sox series (him and hamilton and saltalamacchia 'cause that's just so much fun to say). oh well. feel better soon!

sox won (finally), royals were off.

yay my phone works now!

Monday, August 18, 2008

that's where he went!

this really has nothing to do with the red sox or the royals (they both lost miserably last night, as expected. no offense or anything, guys), but in the past few defenders games i noticed that one of their star players, travis ishikawa, wasn't playing, so i thought he must be taking a break like maybe he just didn't play that game, but to my surprise, i looked this morning at the giants' win ('cause lincecum was pitching and he's adorable), and ishikawa had a homerun in that game so i came to the conclusion that he wasn't sitting out, he got promoted from AA which is cool 'cause i can say that i got to see him in a game before he hit the majors.

(ishikawa is the guy facing the camera)

and that was a VERY long sentence but i didn't feel like punctuating much :)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

oy vey.

not a good series for either of my teams.
  • sox: lost to toronto last night 4-1, are currently losing to them 8-zip in the third. (apparently beckett is not having a good day today. 2.1 innings, 8 runs)
  • royals: won first game of yankees series 4-3 yay, lost last night's game 3-2 but alex had homer #14 so that's good, and they are currently losing 11-3 in the 4th
(oh, and i don't have a problem with xavier nady being a beast, but why does he have to be so awesome and play for the yankees?! they wasted so many good players.)

waaah i have to go to band camp all next week for 6 hours a day (not including lunch)!!!! but at least my partay is on friday and my birthday day is on sunday (7 days! can't wait!) and we're going to another defenders game (i think they're playing the seawolves)

but to make this a little better, i have two things: 1, ellsbury is back at the top of the lineup (yay :D), and 2, here's the pic of alex's most recent home run (i had to add it in at some point)
(isn't he awesome? david, you better believe it)

Friday, August 15, 2008

jesus christmas!

ok sox won royals lost whatever but right now i'm more concerned with the fact that while my friend tia is whatevering in new orleans, she got in a car accident and broke a leg and an arm so of course i'm like "OMFG!!!!" and now i can't concentrate or type right 'cause i'm so in shock.
so here's my shoutout: tia, hang in there and get better soon and i'll work on the story when i get to that opportunity (i'm thinking about making a few more changes) and just because you're down there doesn't mean that you can't have awesome friends who love you up here! <3

Thursday, August 14, 2008

real quick post

10 days until my birthday! feel free to buy me stuff :D

sox won (no ellsbury, though). royals lost (alex hit a double :D and he hit his first triple the other night :D)

(2:20- ha, i bet mr. pitcher dude for the white sox didn't like alex in his last at bat... or first at bat, rather... . 13 pitches. one of those 'ok, 3 and 2, here's the pitch... aaaand he fouls it off again.')

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

and now for a 'tour guide mandachan' segment

so we spent sunday-monday in boston (which is why i didn't post), and i just wanted to post a few highlights:
  • went on the duck tour (which was probably the tourist-iest thing we did but you have to do it) and it was actually pretty neat (and the guy who sat in front of me had the most beautiful blue eyes i have ever seen :) ). make sure to see the statue of jfk doing the moonwalk!
  • ate at this really cool irish pub, the black rose, which is only a block or two away from quincy market and government center. and they had this guy playing guitar which was cool. and the food? AWESOME! we practically licked our plates clean.
  • watched/listened to a few street performers (there was a different guy playing guitar and singing while we waited for the t, and there was a guy outside quincy market playing a few garbage cans. and there was another guy outside quincy market who did all sorts of random stuff but the best was when he was walking around carrying a ladder 'trying to find a place to put it' and when people would try to walk in, he would walk in their way and block them out and it was really funny)
  • ate at this really good italian restaurant on newbury street called ciao bella and even though it was kinda expensive, they gave you enough food that it was practicaly 2 meals (i'll probably have my farfalle al pesto for lunch today. yum). and the bread was good (is bread ever not good?)
the only bad part was that i had to share a bed with my 4-year-old sister and no matter where i slept on the bed, her feet would always be digging into my side. oh, yeah, and it POURED while we were transferring from the t to the bus to the t again 'cause of construction. i had to put my converses and my socks on the fan back at the hotel to dry and they still weren't.

and this is the end of my really long post. *breathe out*

ooh! wait! not done! the red sox split the series with the white sox, royals were off. (and that dude zink that the red sox called up to replace wakefield is kinda hot :) )

Saturday, August 9, 2008


yo odio sunburn.

anyway... last night's defenders festivities was actually a doubleheader (part of thursday's doubleheader got rained-postponed), and they only played to 7, which was kinda nice in the fact that we wouldn't have to be there all night. the defenders won the first 'game' 1-zip, and portland won the 2nd 'game' 7-5, which is ok (and the only person i recognized in the portland lineup hit a 2-run homerun which was cool).
and i got an ellsbury baseball card and another alex one (i saw three and i would've bought all of them but i only had $15 on me)
and i was all confubbled 'cause i wasn't sure whether to root for the defenders or portland 'cause portland is AA for the red sox.

sox lost royals lost but i found a funny picture.

(awww someone stwuck out. awwww pouty face. if this doesn't make him so totally adorable, then you must be on something. look at him! :D)

and for my other buddy, here's a pic from an awesome catch he made on wednesday at the royals game. it's my desktop background :)

and here's the collision from the first game of the series
(i went a little picture-happy this post. can you tell? :D i have puh-lenty more. each buddy has their own folder of pix i found on and other sites)

Friday, August 8, 2008

recap, day 3 (a few days later)

red sox won 8-2 again to finish off the series (gosh i don't want to think about that!), and both of my boyfriends had multi-hit games, but i don't remember exactly except that ellsbury had a 3-run home run.

series: red sox 2, royals 1
season: red sox 6, royals 1

ugh. i'm tired (slept over my friend becky's house for my 4th night in a row of less than 8 hours of sleep). and my face hurts (new wires) and i got a bad sunburn. >:(

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

recap, day two

red sox won 8-2. ellsbury played YAY and he went 2 for 4 with 2 singles, a run and a ribbie. alex went 2 for 3 with a single, walk, double and a run (and two errors, but we just won't go there). there were some LONG innings (the game ended around 11:15ish), but otherwise a very good game (minus those two errors).
and i LOVED that wall ball!

series count: royals 1, red sox 1
season count: red sox 5, royals 1

(ugh, fine. i took my email off 'cause señor wussypants made me. not that anyone would use it anyway. and besides, mister, i'm smart enough to figure out what's spam and what isn't, thankyouverymuch)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


royals won 4-3. it would've been 4-2 if alex and tony pena hadn't collided on bay's infield single in the ninth (every time they did the instant replay i laughed. it was hard not to).
but i'm happy 'cause alex went 1 for 2 with a home run (#13) and 2 walks, one accidental and one sorta intentional (buchholz was behind 3 and 1 and varitek is just like whatever let's walk him)

series count: royals 1, red sox 0
season count: red sox 4, royals 1

Monday, August 4, 2008

i'm excited! i'm excited! more later! i can't wait! waaah 2 more hours! i can't wait that long!!!!