Thursday, July 31, 2008

wtf man?!?!

anyone who knows anything about baseball knows about the recent trade deadline, and i'm sure i'm not the only sox fan slightly disappointed in our now former left fielder. not to mention that we also lost moss and hansen.
(good news in this rant: royals didn't trade anyone, so alex is safe (phew!). as far as i know, ellsbury didn't get traded either (phew!))

speaking of alex, i loved his box score from last night's game: 0 for 0. at first i was kinda like 'huh?' and then i thought that maybe after his first walk (i was excited 'cause he was batting third :D), they swapped him out, but i kept reading and he got walked accidentally the first 2 times and intentionally the last 2 times, so technically he was up 4 times but they don't go against him. i love that.

k, more angry ranting later.

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