Tuesday, July 8, 2008

wait, let me change that.

hold on, made a few mistakes.
red sox starter-age is youkilis, pedroia and manny. pitcherage is papelbon. reservage is varitek and drew. ortiz is technically the DH, but 'cause of his wrist, he's just going to be there and be awesome, so their reserve DH (someone on the rangers) will probably be the actual DH.
and the only royals representation is soria. stupid a-rod took boyfriend #1's spot.

and i don't really follow the nl, but it's cool 'cause dan haren is one of the pitchers and he's cool.

(and yes, ellie, i voted for david wright in the final votes thing. and guillen 'cause the royals need more representation.)


Sir Forty-three said...


mandachan said...

you don't follow baseball. that's why you have no idea what's going on.
and what's up with the 'sir forty-three'?

The EGE said...

oooh... sucky night for mr. gordon yesterday. 0-for-3 and HBP.

Royals and sox won, though =D