Sunday, July 20, 2008

ugh. not again.

it's hot out! i realize it's summer and all but this is just gross. (yeah, i know. i complain when it's cold, i complain when it's hot)

lake compounce was fun, aside from the fact that SOMEONE *coughdancough* wouldn't go on any awesome rides like boulder dash or zoomerang. the water park lines were a little excessive (it took us over an hour to get on one of the slides), but that's ok. and the fried dough and the fried oreos were good too. hot, but good.
and while i was there, i saw sox fans, yankees fans, mets fans (all of those three are pretty fair game here), an angels fan, a bluejays fan, a twins fan, a cubs fan, a white sox fan i think and a few royals fans (granted that two of the three were in my party, myself being one of them)

sox lost booo they're 1.5 games behind double boo. royals won yaaay my buddy had a hit and a run double yaaay.

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Ellie said...

that article is about your favorite Alex Gordon and one of my faves (cuz i have a lot) ian kinsler