Tuesday, July 29, 2008

ok, now for my trip

new hampshire, stayed in lake condo apartment thing
highlights: had ice cream 2 nights in a row (at this really cool place called liliuokalani's), went go-karting (kicked butt) and talked with this really nice guy (and he was hot, too), fooled around in the arcade at weirs beach...
lowlights: getting stuck in the back seat between a car seat and a booster seat, having to deal with an obnoxious 7-or-8-ish year old, not being able to watch baseball or go on the computer (no computer!)

and omg omg omg alex actually did good last night! he had a 2 run homer (does he ever hit any other kind of homer ? :D) and i love him and he's the best but i'm still not a big fan of the short hair (he had helmet hair when he took his helmet off :D)
and i didn't watch the sox game (was at my gramma's house) but i turned it on just in time to see ellsbury strike out with the bases loaded. crap, i jinxed him.

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