Wednesday, July 23, 2008

oh teh noes!

look at the royals lineup for yesterday's game and tell me what's missing (come on, because i brought it up, you don't even need to look at it to know who's missing!). those infamous they people even said in the royals mailbag that mr. manager dude wasn't gonna bench alex just 'cause he's sucking lately! *gasp!* he lied.

and just to let you people know, i'm going up to new hampshire tomorrow until sunday with my dad and i don't know if there's internet and/or a computer at his girlfriend's parents' lake house, so if i don't update, that's why.

and 'pork and beans' by weezer has a very silly music video.

(i'm having lots of fun with that link thing now that i figured it out :) )

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Ellie said...

I'm watching baseball tonight and I just saw Alex score a run. He is obviously back in the lineup now!