Wednesday, July 16, 2008

more all-star game randomness

wow. 15 innings. that's a lot of playing time. but the AL pulled through, winning 4-3.

few more things:
  1. yay j.d. drew got mvp for the day with his game tying 2 run homer in the 7th (aw, man! why does all of the exciting stuff have to happen after i go to bed?!). and now that i read one of the wrap-ups, it would've been interesting if the AL ran out of pitchers 'cause francona was considering having drew pitch. that would've been cool to see (better than this outfielder pitching, gosh that would be scary.)
  2. i've decided that i really don't like yankees fans, or at least the ones at the game. they put up a big stink with all of the sox players (like i said), and they were all like 'hahahaha' when papelbon gave up a sac fly and a run in the 8th. come on people! let's be realistic here! if your team was that good, they'd have more people representing them!
  3. apparently i didn't realize how all-star games went (well, this is only my 2nd season really paying attention), but i thought it was cool that the reserves played too. they were swapping players every inning (bet it sucked when they came down to slim pickin's towards the end...)
  4. there were a lot of injured, sick or otherwise unable-to-play people who were s'posed to play. of course, big papi was out with his wrist still (won't be long though), that dude who broke his hand, lincecum was in the hospital for something like the flu...


The EGE said...

Please change the color of your background. I can't read the blue on red.

mandachan said...

oh, suck it up. you don't need to know what date i wrote this. and those are my favorite colors, so too bad.