Wednesday, July 2, 2008

'it ends tonight'

voting, that is. i don't have to worry about missing the deadline 'cause they won't let me vote anymore. (i was bored yesterday so i kept entering mine in until they said 'hey you've voted 25 times already')
my votes:
C: varitek (bos)
1B: youkilis (bos)
2B: pedroia (bos)
SS: don't care
3B: gordon :D (kc)
OF: drew, m. ramirez, sizemore (bos, bos, cle)
DH: originally i had ortiz, but because he's not gonna be able to play, i switched to butler (bos/kc)

oh, and the chorus from 'sitting in a bar' by rehab is really funny ("i'm sittin' in a bar on the inside, waitin' for my ride on the outside, she broke my heart in the trailer park so i jacked the keys to her f***ing car, i crashed that piece of sh** and stepped away")


Ellie said...

Last night was Alex Gordon bobblehead night at the Royals game.

Ellie said...

oh yeah, i appreciate the votes for Grady!

mandachan said...


The EGE said...

ha ha - I have gone up over half your visits - 62 to 122. Mwahahahahaha!!!!!