Tuesday, July 1, 2008

i'm not even s'posed to be up...

but i felt that this was worth writing. and yes i realize that i just copied my igoogle gadget but i don't care. 'cause not all of you faithful readers get my igoogle gadget.

Current Status... mmrgh. but ohmygod i wrote about one of the books i read on my blog and the author wrote back! (and i changed my pictures, as you can see :D)
Lately I'm thinking... ha, balfour walked manny. ha, ha, get it? balfour? bal(l) four? walk? sorry, just had to point that out :)
This is really interesting... yay ellsbury hit an infield triple that was only s'posed to MAYBE be a single but the P overthrew 1B and it dribbled down the line, yay drew ribbied him in. yay he doubled (again, only s'posed to MAYBE be a single but 2B overthrew 1B into foul ground). yay he reached on a pitching error (what is it with him and tampa doing weird things with the ball?!) and he stole 2B. tampa up 2-1 still
This is really interesting... yay alex gordon hit his 11th home run :D, boo he struck out, yay he doubled and teahen ribbied him, oh no i missed him for AB #4 (ha ha 4) (grounded out, oh well), yay he's on the 'today's leaders' header of the espn scoreboard :D (but i hate his picture! ugh!). orioles up 7-3.

ok, i think 3 posts for today is enough. good night america, or at least the 2+ people who read this...

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