Friday, July 11, 2008

he has a torso!

but no head yet (i'm talking about my pic, just in case you forgot). it looks good for a levitating, headless hot guy.

speaking of which, royals won yesterday and he had an awesome throw for an out at first, but they moved him in the batting order from 3rd to 7th which is kinda bad 'cause that means they know he's been sucking lately (the 0-fer didn't help.)
i think they're finishing the chisox series tonight. go alex! don't pull a me!

and the sox didn't play last night but the total butt-whooping they handed the twins on wednesday should count for two wins. i mean, 18-5? there's times when the two teams combined don't score that many runs. there's times when the two teams combined don't even hit that many times. cripes, there's times when teams don't score that many times in a month! (although that would be a sucky month...)
series against the orioles tonight. last series before the all-star break. go sox!


The EGE said...

18 ta 5 is nuthin'! Them rockies whupped them marlins 18 ta 17.

Okay, no more weird accent.

The EGE said...

Creo que he batted 6th ayer. 3 thru 6 went combined 0-fer-12.

Ellie said...

and orioles fans had it tough last year when they lost 30-3 against the rangers

mandachan said...

whatever, david. he's somewhere towards the end of the lineup, and that's kinda bad.
(although, i was only in the top 9 once and i struck out as the 1st batter. i batted 10th, 11th and 12th usually)