Tuesday, July 15, 2008

current status: mmrgh.

this morning sucks 'cause i'm tired (couldn't find a comfortable position). yesterday morning really sucked 'cause i had to wake up early, my alarm clock wasn't set right so i missed the sports wrapup from sunday, i had to go to sam's daycare, AAAND i didn't sleep all night for a very stupid reason.

so anyone who reads this is well aware of buddy' #1's recent suckage, and i realized that i must be so obsessed with this sport that i was subconsciously aware of the suckage, resulting in a dream in which buddy #1 got sent back to double-A wichita, which broke my heart to the point where i woke up and couldn't sleep 'cause i needed to know whether it had actually happened or not.

i'm not sure what to shake my head in 'wow-that's-dumb'-ness: the fact that i like baseball players enough to have a dream about one, the fact that i'm so obsessed that i knew about the suckage subconsciously (which only proves that i probably have no life 'cause you're technically only s'posed to be subconsciously aware of food, danger and some other third thing), or that i lost sleep over something that didn't actually happen and probably wouldn't (after i told mike, he shook his head and told me that 1: they wouldn't send him back just 'cause of a few weeks of suckage, and 2: if they sent him back to the minors, it'd be triple-A)

and huzzah for morneau for winning the home run derby. i only watched the first 4, and i was rooting for grady and josh. (and the fact that evan had a mike on while he was up now explains why i heard a 'rrgh' or a groan of some sort after every out.)


Ellie said...

the derby was awesome and it was amazing being there. but i was disappointed that grady didn't get past the first round

mandachan said...

yeah, i watched it from my living room couch. where were you guys sitting?

Ellie said...

second row in the tier on the first base line. there was an ESPN camera like right next to us and my mom says we were on TV briefly

mandachan said...

that's awesome!