Tuesday, July 8, 2008

cool beans!

(not that i actually said that...)

anyway, this is really cool 'cause pedroia, youkilis and drew (jd, of course) are all off to their first all-star game! AAAND manny, varitek, papelbon and ortiz are also on the team (not for the first time), but ortiz isn't going to play 'cause of his boo-boo wrist (i wonder who's actually going to be the DH...). in case you didn't count, that's 7 red sox playing on the AL team in ny. come on sox!

in other news (not really), the red sox beat minnesota 1-0 (i thought it was going to be one of those hideously long games waiting for someone to score a run, but manny ribbied pedroia in the 8th. dang, that was right after i stopped watching...), and *gasp!* the royals actually beat the rays 7-4 in 10 innings not that it matters 'cause alex gordon is continuing to suck (oh no i cursed the awesome #4 with my suckage! noooo!)

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