Tuesday, July 22, 2008


(whoa it smells like cologne again, where's that coming from?)

sorry, a bit not-paying-attention today.

sox beat seattle 4-0 which is good seeing as they came off getting swept by the angels. ellsbury went 1 for 4 (eh, better than nothing), varitek had a home run :), and lowrie played at short which is good 'cause lugo hasn't been doing so hot in that portion of the field lately.

royals? well... they did beat the chisox 8-7 sunday, buuut the tigers game... yeah... let's not talk about that butt-whooping. (suddenly 18-5 sounds a lot better. then again, it helps to be on the winning team's side...). and alex has been sucking a lot lately, going 0 for whatever in his last i don't know how many starts (except for that 1-fer the other day). but i'll still love him... until he sucks so bad as to get down past my average of .143, but that'll be pretty hard and they'd send him to the minors (NOOOO!) before that.

here's the AL hitting stats in case you wanted to know how bad the boys have been doing.


Ellie said...

i was gonna try the url again but then i realized there was no point cuz it was just a bunch of boring stats stuff

mandachan said...

oh. ok. that's fine.