Tuesday, July 15, 2008

all-star game randomness

efew things i noticed while they dragged out the opening ceremonies:
  1. they (meaning the fans) cheered everyone on except anyone from the sox (well, with youkilis, it was kinda hard to tell if they were booing or 'youuuuuk'-ing)
  2. dan haren shaved his beard/mustache/neck! he looks so much better.
  3. there are some REALLY short people on the national league team. and some really tall people. and some of the people look like little kids (like david wright)
  4. george brett looks exactly like every other picture i've seen of him from his heyday, minus the hair. and that powder blue jersey (ick).
  5. ugh, they TOTALLY dragged that out! the game was s'posed to start at 8! i realize that it's the last all-star game in yankee stadium (big whoop), but it's not THE LAST GAME EVER. and if they were that concerned, they shouldn't've built the one across the street! fenway park is a lot older and they haven't torn that down! suck it up!

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