Thursday, July 31, 2008

wtf man?!?!

anyone who knows anything about baseball knows about the recent trade deadline, and i'm sure i'm not the only sox fan slightly disappointed in our now former left fielder. not to mention that we also lost moss and hansen.
(good news in this rant: royals didn't trade anyone, so alex is safe (phew!). as far as i know, ellsbury didn't get traded either (phew!))

speaking of alex, i loved his box score from last night's game: 0 for 0. at first i was kinda like 'huh?' and then i thought that maybe after his first walk (i was excited 'cause he was batting third :D), they swapped him out, but i kept reading and he got walked accidentally the first 2 times and intentionally the last 2 times, so technically he was up 4 times but they don't go against him. i love that.

k, more angry ranting later.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


...only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades (not quite sure why...)
but that's good 'cause pedroia's and youkilis' awesomeness in the ninth last night prevented the sox from being no-hitted for what would've been the first time since 1993 (and the first since the '50s at fenway). yeah, they still lost, but at least it wasn't a no-hitter or a shutout.
and now i'm starting to really think that i jinxed ellsbury (luckily alex is getting out of his funk), 'cause obviously he didn't get a hit last night, and the past few days he's been 0-fer-ing (i'll say this once, i'll say it again, he's pulling a me! i'm serious!). although that catch was pretty sweet.

and here's a picture from the other night's royals game (that position sure looks uncomfortable). i didn't realize how truly awesome he did (i was in dick's sporting goods looking for shoelaces and i was reading the scores on espn on the giant tv above the shoe section and i got all excited about the homie that i didn't see how awesome in other ways he was)... ooh! 1 sentence recap time!
*in another sportscasterish tone* in monday night's game, royals' third baseman alex gordon had a long-awaited offensive blast, going 3 for 4 with a 2-run home run.
(that one wasn't quite as good as the last one, but as you know, it's been a while...)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

ok, now for my trip

new hampshire, stayed in lake condo apartment thing
highlights: had ice cream 2 nights in a row (at this really cool place called liliuokalani's), went go-karting (kicked butt) and talked with this really nice guy (and he was hot, too), fooled around in the arcade at weirs beach...
lowlights: getting stuck in the back seat between a car seat and a booster seat, having to deal with an obnoxious 7-or-8-ish year old, not being able to watch baseball or go on the computer (no computer!)

and omg omg omg alex actually did good last night! he had a 2 run homer (does he ever hit any other kind of homer ? :D) and i love him and he's the best but i'm still not a big fan of the short hair (he had helmet hair when he took his helmet off :D)
and i didn't watch the sox game (was at my gramma's house) but i turned it on just in time to see ellsbury strike out with the bases loaded. crap, i jinxed him.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

hi! i'm back!

back from new hampshire. more when i actually have time to post :D

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

oh teh noes!

look at the royals lineup for yesterday's game and tell me what's missing (come on, because i brought it up, you don't even need to look at it to know who's missing!). those infamous they people even said in the royals mailbag that mr. manager dude wasn't gonna bench alex just 'cause he's sucking lately! *gasp!* he lied.

and just to let you people know, i'm going up to new hampshire tomorrow until sunday with my dad and i don't know if there's internet and/or a computer at his girlfriend's parents' lake house, so if i don't update, that's why.

and 'pork and beans' by weezer has a very silly music video.

(i'm having lots of fun with that link thing now that i figured it out :) )

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


(whoa it smells like cologne again, where's that coming from?)

sorry, a bit not-paying-attention today.

sox beat seattle 4-0 which is good seeing as they came off getting swept by the angels. ellsbury went 1 for 4 (eh, better than nothing), varitek had a home run :), and lowrie played at short which is good 'cause lugo hasn't been doing so hot in that portion of the field lately.

royals? well... they did beat the chisox 8-7 sunday, buuut the tigers game... yeah... let's not talk about that butt-whooping. (suddenly 18-5 sounds a lot better. then again, it helps to be on the winning team's side...). and alex has been sucking a lot lately, going 0 for whatever in his last i don't know how many starts (except for that 1-fer the other day). but i'll still love him... until he sucks so bad as to get down past my average of .143, but that'll be pretty hard and they'd send him to the minors (NOOOO!) before that.

here's the AL hitting stats in case you wanted to know how bad the boys have been doing.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

ugh. not again.

it's hot out! i realize it's summer and all but this is just gross. (yeah, i know. i complain when it's cold, i complain when it's hot)

lake compounce was fun, aside from the fact that SOMEONE *coughdancough* wouldn't go on any awesome rides like boulder dash or zoomerang. the water park lines were a little excessive (it took us over an hour to get on one of the slides), but that's ok. and the fried dough and the fried oreos were good too. hot, but good.
and while i was there, i saw sox fans, yankees fans, mets fans (all of those three are pretty fair game here), an angels fan, a bluejays fan, a twins fan, a cubs fan, a white sox fan i think and a few royals fans (granted that two of the three were in my party, myself being one of them)

sox lost booo they're 1.5 games behind double boo. royals won yaaay my buddy had a hit and a run double yaaay.

Friday, July 18, 2008


lake compounce tomorrow! woot!

(k, that was all i had to say. and i wanted to see if the font was still messed up...)

(ok, it's not. that's good. i like comic sans but it doesn't blend in with the rest of the blog...)

oh, and my ankle hurts 'cause i accidentally cut it. leave it to me to do something stupid like that. :(

Thursday, July 17, 2008

ugh, fine.

before se├▒or wussy-pants throws a big hissy fit, i guess i should tell you to go check out his blog, the amateur geek (and there was a specific request from him that ellie and dan 'needed' to read it, just so ya know, but anyone else is welcome, i guess.)

and i started the face on my pic and i screwed it up which made me mad. i'm taking a break from it (which means until tuesday, when i would've worked on it again anyway)

that's all, folks. it's too early to write about anything else.

(ha! i figured out the link thing! i'm so awesome)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

more all-star game randomness

wow. 15 innings. that's a lot of playing time. but the AL pulled through, winning 4-3.

few more things:
  1. yay j.d. drew got mvp for the day with his game tying 2 run homer in the 7th (aw, man! why does all of the exciting stuff have to happen after i go to bed?!). and now that i read one of the wrap-ups, it would've been interesting if the AL ran out of pitchers 'cause francona was considering having drew pitch. that would've been cool to see (better than this outfielder pitching, gosh that would be scary.)
  2. i've decided that i really don't like yankees fans, or at least the ones at the game. they put up a big stink with all of the sox players (like i said), and they were all like 'hahahaha' when papelbon gave up a sac fly and a run in the 8th. come on people! let's be realistic here! if your team was that good, they'd have more people representing them!
  3. apparently i didn't realize how all-star games went (well, this is only my 2nd season really paying attention), but i thought it was cool that the reserves played too. they were swapping players every inning (bet it sucked when they came down to slim pickin's towards the end...)
  4. there were a lot of injured, sick or otherwise unable-to-play people who were s'posed to play. of course, big papi was out with his wrist still (won't be long though), that dude who broke his hand, lincecum was in the hospital for something like the flu...

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

all-star game randomness

efew things i noticed while they dragged out the opening ceremonies:
  1. they (meaning the fans) cheered everyone on except anyone from the sox (well, with youkilis, it was kinda hard to tell if they were booing or 'youuuuuk'-ing)
  2. dan haren shaved his beard/mustache/neck! he looks so much better.
  3. there are some REALLY short people on the national league team. and some really tall people. and some of the people look like little kids (like david wright)
  4. george brett looks exactly like every other picture i've seen of him from his heyday, minus the hair. and that powder blue jersey (ick).
  5. ugh, they TOTALLY dragged that out! the game was s'posed to start at 8! i realize that it's the last all-star game in yankee stadium (big whoop), but it's not THE LAST GAME EVER. and if they were that concerned, they shouldn't've built the one across the street! fenway park is a lot older and they haven't torn that down! suck it up!

current status: mmrgh.

this morning sucks 'cause i'm tired (couldn't find a comfortable position). yesterday morning really sucked 'cause i had to wake up early, my alarm clock wasn't set right so i missed the sports wrapup from sunday, i had to go to sam's daycare, AAAND i didn't sleep all night for a very stupid reason.

so anyone who reads this is well aware of buddy' #1's recent suckage, and i realized that i must be so obsessed with this sport that i was subconsciously aware of the suckage, resulting in a dream in which buddy #1 got sent back to double-A wichita, which broke my heart to the point where i woke up and couldn't sleep 'cause i needed to know whether it had actually happened or not.

i'm not sure what to shake my head in 'wow-that's-dumb'-ness: the fact that i like baseball players enough to have a dream about one, the fact that i'm so obsessed that i knew about the suckage subconsciously (which only proves that i probably have no life 'cause you're technically only s'posed to be subconsciously aware of food, danger and some other third thing), or that i lost sleep over something that didn't actually happen and probably wouldn't (after i told mike, he shook his head and told me that 1: they wouldn't send him back just 'cause of a few weeks of suckage, and 2: if they sent him back to the minors, it'd be triple-A)

and huzzah for morneau for winning the home run derby. i only watched the first 4, and i was rooting for grady and josh. (and the fact that evan had a mike on while he was up now explains why i heard a 'rrgh' or a groan of some sort after every out.)

Saturday, July 12, 2008


i went to the defenders game last night. they had a 7-run 6th inning (aw, they were close), and guess what the score was. *cough18to5cough* baseball never ceases to amaze me.

and the cool part is that i was looking at the baseball card display (there's a dude who comes to every friday night home game and sells baseball cards) and i saw an alex gordon one from 2007 and mike (stepdad) bought it for me :D
(wow, something related to him actually makes me happy for the first time this week, aside from those awesome throws to first, seeing how he's been sucking lately...)

sox lost royals won. come on guys! go sox (and ellsbury)! go alex!

Friday, July 11, 2008

he has a torso!

but no head yet (i'm talking about my pic, just in case you forgot). it looks good for a levitating, headless hot guy.

speaking of which, royals won yesterday and he had an awesome throw for an out at first, but they moved him in the batting order from 3rd to 7th which is kinda bad 'cause that means they know he's been sucking lately (the 0-fer didn't help.)
i think they're finishing the chisox series tonight. go alex! don't pull a me!

and the sox didn't play last night but the total butt-whooping they handed the twins on wednesday should count for two wins. i mean, 18-5? there's times when the two teams combined don't score that many runs. there's times when the two teams combined don't even hit that many times. cripes, there's times when teams don't score that many times in a month! (although that would be a sucky month...)
series against the orioles tonight. last series before the all-star break. go sox!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

i feel dumb.

or, more accurately, i felt dumb.

so i started my 3rd picture (same article as the 2nd picture but a different pic) and i did the right leg/shoe last wednesday and the left leg/shoe yesterday and when i tried to draw the bottom line of the jersey to connect the legs it didn't fit right and i realized that the whole left leg was 1 square too low and i had to redraw it. bummer.
so i redid it and it looks good. (you know, for 2 legs and no body...)

but here's my other picture. it's a little weird (eyes are messed up, like usual, and it looks like he has a monster space between his front teeth...), but i like it anyway. sorry if it's small...

(ooh, yeah, that is small. someone remind me when i get the original to upload that so you don't have to use a microscope to see it...)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

wait, let me change that.

hold on, made a few mistakes.
red sox starter-age is youkilis, pedroia and manny. pitcherage is papelbon. reservage is varitek and drew. ortiz is technically the DH, but 'cause of his wrist, he's just going to be there and be awesome, so their reserve DH (someone on the rangers) will probably be the actual DH.
and the only royals representation is soria. stupid a-rod took boyfriend #1's spot.

and i don't really follow the nl, but it's cool 'cause dan haren is one of the pitchers and he's cool.

(and yes, ellie, i voted for david wright in the final votes thing. and guillen 'cause the royals need more representation.)

cool beans!

(not that i actually said that...)

anyway, this is really cool 'cause pedroia, youkilis and drew (jd, of course) are all off to their first all-star game! AAAND manny, varitek, papelbon and ortiz are also on the team (not for the first time), but ortiz isn't going to play 'cause of his boo-boo wrist (i wonder who's actually going to be the DH...). in case you didn't count, that's 7 red sox playing on the AL team in ny. come on sox!

in other news (not really), the red sox beat minnesota 1-0 (i thought it was going to be one of those hideously long games waiting for someone to score a run, but manny ribbied pedroia in the 8th. dang, that was right after i stopped watching...), and *gasp!* the royals actually beat the rays 7-4 in 10 innings not that it matters 'cause alex gordon is continuing to suck (oh no i cursed the awesome #4 with my suckage! noooo!)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

'it ends tonight'

voting, that is. i don't have to worry about missing the deadline 'cause they won't let me vote anymore. (i was bored yesterday so i kept entering mine in until they said 'hey you've voted 25 times already')
my votes:
C: varitek (bos)
1B: youkilis (bos)
2B: pedroia (bos)
SS: don't care
3B: gordon :D (kc)
OF: drew, m. ramirez, sizemore (bos, bos, cle)
DH: originally i had ortiz, but because he's not gonna be able to play, i switched to butler (bos/kc)

oh, and the chorus from 'sitting in a bar' by rehab is really funny ("i'm sittin' in a bar on the inside, waitin' for my ride on the outside, she broke my heart in the trailer park so i jacked the keys to her f***ing car, i crashed that piece of sh** and stepped away")

10:39 and what have i accomplished...

sox lost 3-1. royals lost 7-5 (alex gordon struck out his last at bat, gruddy on 1st and 2 outs, top of the 9th. he pulled a me!)

ok, i finally figured out my averages for this season. i probably messed up somewhere. so here is a mock trading card of me, worth negative money :D

(that's a real at-bat picture. woo!)
OF, bench, 2B/SS if the coach is feeling unusually confident in me (total of 3 times)
bats R, throws R
AVG .143 (2 for 14)
OBP .300 (6 for 20)
blah de blah, you know, et cetera, et cetera, hooray everybody

(wow that's sad. there are people who have a higher batting average than my obp. but for a noob, that's not all that bad.)

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

i'm not even s'posed to be up...

but i felt that this was worth writing. and yes i realize that i just copied my igoogle gadget but i don't care. 'cause not all of you faithful readers get my igoogle gadget.

Current Status... mmrgh. but ohmygod i wrote about one of the books i read on my blog and the author wrote back! (and i changed my pictures, as you can see :D)
Lately I'm thinking... ha, balfour walked manny. ha, ha, get it? balfour? bal(l) four? walk? sorry, just had to point that out :)
This is really interesting... yay ellsbury hit an infield triple that was only s'posed to MAYBE be a single but the P overthrew 1B and it dribbled down the line, yay drew ribbied him in. yay he doubled (again, only s'posed to MAYBE be a single but 2B overthrew 1B into foul ground). yay he reached on a pitching error (what is it with him and tampa doing weird things with the ball?!) and he stole 2B. tampa up 2-1 still
This is really interesting... yay alex gordon hit his 11th home run :D, boo he struck out, yay he doubled and teahen ribbied him, oh no i missed him for AB #4 (ha ha 4) (grounded out, oh well), yay he's on the 'today's leaders' header of the espn scoreboard :D (but i hate his picture! ugh!). orioles up 7-3.

ok, i think 3 posts for today is enough. good night america, or at least the 2+ people who read this...

nooo! this is kinda depressing

(at least for me, it is)
both buddy #1 and buddy #2 are on the 2nd page for highest batting average. i mean, yeah, they're still in the top 100, but they've been on the first page all season thus far! :(

just in case you were wondering, as of right now:
  • buddy #1: 81 games, 47 runs, 80 hits, 20 doubles, 0 triples, 10 homies, 40 ribbies, 130 total bases, 37 walks, 75 strikeouts, 2 stolen bases, 2 times caught, .345 OBP, .260 avg.
  • buddy #2: 76 games, 54 runs, 72 hits, 8 doubles, 4 triples, 5 homies, 24 ribbies, 103 total bases, 30 walks, 40 strikeouts, 34 stolen bases, 4 times caught, .344 OBP, .268 avg.

if you don't know who i'm referring to, the stolen bases for one should at least give you a hint :)

your favorite, david.

more stupid quiz results.
anyway, i got bored on blogthings so here you go:

can express yourself well but don't always want to ... somewhat passionate person, a few things get you very fired up, usually pretty laid back ... an assertive person at times, pull out all the stops to get what you want, if it's worth it ... take a while to fall in love, but stay pretty attached to your partner ... not easily frightened, have a few strong phobias ... practical and down to earth, more concerned with action than thoughts ... are also a little spoiled, like indulge yourself every now and then ... easily influenced by other people, quite impressionable, so should only be around people who are a good influence.

confident, self assured, and capable, not easily intimidated ... will knock down anyone who gets in your way ... strive for perfection ... authoritative and aggressive ... very active imagination, often get carried away with your thoughts (heck yeah!) ... prone to a little paranoia and jealousy, sometimes go overboard in interpreting signals ... People see you as stubborn and headstrong, have a dominant personality.

i'm 45% normal (not sure if that's good or not...) ... i'm 40% dog and 60% cat ... lightning is my weather type ... i'm 40% boy and 60% girl (k, that's a little weird...) ... i'm 36% massachusetts: i could pass for being from Massachusetts - until i open my mouth and start pronouncing R's ...
the last one is really funny but really weird so i'm not gonna tell you 'cause it'd be awkward