Sunday, June 1, 2008

i've come to a conclusion

i've finally figured out what's wrong with my picture (you know, aside from everything). i've figured out that it doesn't really look like alex gordon, it instead looks like a very confused jon lester in a royals uniform (which would explain the confused part)! not that that's a bad thing, i just wanted it to look more like it was s'posed to.

but i copied a picture from my buddy's NEXT 2007 article and i'm gonna try that one, so let's hope for the best.

oh, and i went to a defenders game (the defenders are double-A for the giants, btw), and the double-A for the mets won 5-3 but that's ok 'cause it was a good game.
(and i was SO close to getting an autograph! my book was RIGHT in front of mr. #15 dude, but he had to leave and i was all bummed even though i didn't know who he was) (but now i know that it's jason waddell, one of the pitchers, 'cause i went on the defenders' website)

and for one last thing, huzzah for manny for hitting his 500th homie :)
(and huzzah for ellsbury for stealing 3 bases in last night's win)

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