Wednesday, June 4, 2008

i feel bad

feel-bad activity #1: this is more of a 'aw-crap-i-can't-believe-i-actually-did-that' moment, but i left my pencil box at home. grrr. and i knew EXACTLY where it was. (sitting right here on the computer desk)

feel-bad activity #2: i was holding the puppies in ag today and i was shifting my legs so the puppies could get up easier and lefty (one of the puppies, the left side of her face is all brown and the rest of her is white) kinda rolled off my lap and into the water dish so she was all cold and wet. i had her on my lap for the rest of the time drying her off and keeping her warm. and bandit (another puppy, he has brown ears and two black eyes) kept chewing on my merrells.


Anonymous said...

no worries about the party thing! i've got it rescheduled for the 14th.

mandachan said...