Tuesday, June 10, 2008

history in the making

or at least for me.
what i'm talking about is the fact that we had a half day 'cause of the heat. sure, i've had oodles of half days 'cause of snow, almost one 'cause of a power outage, but i've never been sent home 'cause it was too hot out. (the people who went to the middle school said they had one but i don't care about what they went through, i'm talking about my experiences)

yay royals beat the yankees 3-2 boo my buddy didn't score and only had one hit but that's ok!


Ellie said...

i also had a half day today. my school was an oven!

mandachan said...

yeah, it's weird. one part of the school (the newer part) has AC but no heat (sucked in winter), and the old part has heat but no AC (sucked now). and the office has both. grrr...