Friday, June 13, 2008

hi, sorry i'm late

wednesday: 1. over dandylion's house for a study group for the bio exam. hope i didn't bomb it (but as long as i pass the exam, i'll still have an A in the class)
2. softball game and OHMYGOD WE BEAT RED STORM (aka those people who we got creamed by and tied but never beat). i was 0-for-1, but my walk (and a coupla stolen bases and a sac by someone in the lineup after me) ended up getting me home. i slid fine, but i think i got stuck on home plate getting up (the knee on my pants got snagged i think) and my knee has a lovely skinning/line design. it hurts.

thursday: last day of exams/school, music picnic, and david left the school without me so i couldn't get a ride home and mom was REEEEAAALLY mad 'cause i didn't tell her that we'd be getting home late but if i had my cell phone, i would've called her.

today: i'm here, what more do you want? happy friday the 13th.

baseball update: red sox beat baltimore 9-2, royals beat the rangers 6-5 i think but i honestly don't care 'cause my buddy hit his 7th home run (a 2-run homie. i've noticed that most, if not all, of his home runs are 2-run shots. weird.)


The EGE said...

Sorry about that. my sister was late getting somewhere and she kinda dragged me outa there before I could collect you. Stupid busses being so slow.

mandachan said...

that's ok. i was more mad 'cause i got yelled at for it. not your fault.

Ellie said...

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