Friday, June 20, 2008

'friday! field trip day!'

(that's from madagascar, btw. except i'm staying here. but sam's daycare is going to the zoo today...)

i finished throwing like a girl, it was a good book. totally obvious what was gonna happen: the school team won states, ella persuaded rocky to rejoin the team, nate asks ella out to prom, ella told sally off and sally was speechless for once. but still a good book.

anyone got any good book suggestions? and david, if you try to make me read one of those electronics gobbledegook manuals, i will find something big and heavy to throw at you.


Ellie said...

Heart Of A Champion by Carl Deuker is really good. I read it last September and have read it like 3 more times since then.

mandachan said...

k. will try to find it next time i go to the library, thnx. :D

Ellie said...

I just finished this book and now I actually understand your post. It was totally predictable, but I still liked it.