Tuesday, June 3, 2008

'do not fear the eyes'

that apparently needs to be my mantra when drawing people, especially a certain favorite baseball player of mine. but this picture turned out a lot better than the other one. the eyes are a little weird, but that's ok.

last night we lost 14-something, but that's ok (well, not really, but whatever) 'cause i hit again :D and i made it home again :D for our first run :D.
and i reeeeaaally need to work on my sliding (i kinda fell into 3rd and slid too late and kerflumped into home. mike says i need to slide a few feet in front of home, but because it's level with the ground and i'm afraid that my weight will send me straight down and not across, i always slide too late and end up sitting on home at the end of my slide)
sooo: avg. is .222 (2 for 9), obp is .250 (3 for 12, but i'm not sure i counted my at-bats correctly...)

sox lost. oh well. royals were off.

and my buddy leads the royals in all-star votes :D


Ellie said...

i think you already said this but what are you drawing the picture for?

mandachan said...

geometry. we finished our book, so as part of chapter 12, our teacher is having us do enlargements of pictures in different ways. i did 2 of my buddy by tracing a grid over the picture, drawing a bigger grid on a bigger piece of paper and copying it square-by-square. the first one came out weird, but the second one actually isn't bad.