Tuesday, June 24, 2008

can't make up my mind

k, so i wasn't exactly happy that the sox lost to arizona last night (i mean, it's gonna happen, they can't win EVERY game), but because dan haren was pitching, i think it made it not so bad 'cause he's one of my favorite pitchers. (but goodness he needs a shave. i mean, i can deal with the beard, but the mustache has to go and the neck could stand a trimming. he must've been dying under that!)

and the royals won too.

yaaay vacation (yes i realize i've technically been 'on vacation' since the 13th, but my parents have this week off so we'll actually get to do something. of course, right now i'm on here and we're watching "ace of cakes", which is a very cool show.)

*looking up* it looks like it's gonna pour soon. it was thundering earlier...

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Ellie said...

I am bummed that Youkilis is hurt. The Sox are short on first basemen with Casey serving the suspension. Brandon Moss is playing first. Alex Cora is the backup. It would be funny to see Alex out there.