Tuesday, June 17, 2008

all done

with school and now with softball. we lost the game yesterday, which kinda stinks, but we're in 2nd (out of 3 SHUT UP!) and i scored a run. the only really bad part... well aside from the fact that we lost... is that in my 2nd at-bat, i struck out looking on pitches that, if i had any arm strength whatsoever OR hand-eye coordination, would've been a home run. yeah, that's how perfect the pitch was. and i didn't even swing at it. what made it worse is that mike basically chewed me out a new butthole and i was on his sh** list for the rest of the night for it.
season stats: at this point, i don't really give a crap. i got 2 hits, struck out a lot, grounded out/sac'ed a few times, walked twice and scored a few runs. that's all that matters. oh, and i caught 2 fly balls, one of which was almost a double play if i had been thinking at the time >:(

sox are doing good. 44 and 29 (.603 avg). no me gusta interleague play.

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