Saturday, June 28, 2008

woo! passed the 100-mark!

even though most of those visits were me either posting or seeing if anyone commented...

baseball update:
  • sox beat houston 6-1, ellsbury didn't play :(
  • royals beat st. louis, alex gordon hit his 10th homer, was 2 for 3, had 1 run (duh) and 4 ribbies :D
  • here's the gameday recap in case you wanted to watch it (they didn't have it on youtube 'cause obviously no one really likes the royals, so...). follow the links. duh.

(guess buddy#1's awesomeness made up for buddy#2's nonplayingness)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

can't make up my mind

k, so i wasn't exactly happy that the sox lost to arizona last night (i mean, it's gonna happen, they can't win EVERY game), but because dan haren was pitching, i think it made it not so bad 'cause he's one of my favorite pitchers. (but goodness he needs a shave. i mean, i can deal with the beard, but the mustache has to go and the neck could stand a trimming. he must've been dying under that!)

and the royals won too.

yaaay vacation (yes i realize i've technically been 'on vacation' since the 13th, but my parents have this week off so we'll actually get to do something. of course, right now i'm on here and we're watching "ace of cakes", which is a very cool show.)

*looking up* it looks like it's gonna pour soon. it was thundering earlier...

Friday, June 20, 2008

'friday! field trip day!'

(that's from madagascar, btw. except i'm staying here. but sam's daycare is going to the zoo today...)

i finished throwing like a girl, it was a good book. totally obvious what was gonna happen: the school team won states, ella persuaded rocky to rejoin the team, nate asks ella out to prom, ella told sally off and sally was speechless for once. but still a good book.

anyone got any good book suggestions? and david, if you try to make me read one of those electronics gobbledegook manuals, i will find something big and heavy to throw at you.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

random song thoughts

(extra bonus points if you know the artists)

'if someone said three years from now, you'd be long gone,
i'd stand up and punch them out, 'cause they're all wrong
i know better 'cause you said forever
and ever, who knew'

'when you're dreaming with a broken heart,
waking up is the hardest part'
(gosh, don't i know this.)

'give me a long kiss goodnight and everything will be all right
tell me that i won't feel a thing
so give me novacaine'

'i am not afraid to keep on living
i am not afraid to walk this world alone
honey if you stay, i'll be forgiven
nothing you can say can stop me going home'

'when you go, would you have the guts to say,
‘i don't love you like i loved you yesterday’?'

ooh i just had an idea, i'll come back later.


sorry, couldn't think of a decent title 'cause the song i'm listening to right now off of vh1 was the title of one of ellie's posts, so that wouldn't be nice.
waaah! i want 'sorry'! i want 'when you look me in the eyes'! (i love mushy rock-ish songs <3)>throwing like a girl by weezie kerr mackey, mostly 'cause the title was funny and i wanted to make myself feel better about the suckage last at-bat. i read who's your daddy? by lynda sandoval yesterday, which is a very good book. guys, it's wicked girly, so approach at your own risk.), work on my story. (not necessarily in that order)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


exagain, buddy #1 and pedroia have the same batting avg. (.269). tied for 43rd (that number is following me again! aaugh!)
and buddy #2 is 26th-i-think with .284

just needed to say that.

all done

with school and now with softball. we lost the game yesterday, which kinda stinks, but we're in 2nd (out of 3 SHUT UP!) and i scored a run. the only really bad part... well aside from the fact that we lost... is that in my 2nd at-bat, i struck out looking on pitches that, if i had any arm strength whatsoever OR hand-eye coordination, would've been a home run. yeah, that's how perfect the pitch was. and i didn't even swing at it. what made it worse is that mike basically chewed me out a new butthole and i was on his sh** list for the rest of the night for it.
season stats: at this point, i don't really give a crap. i got 2 hits, struck out a lot, grounded out/sac'ed a few times, walked twice and scored a few runs. that's all that matters. oh, and i caught 2 fly balls, one of which was almost a double play if i had been thinking at the time >:(

sox are doing good. 44 and 29 (.603 avg). no me gusta interleague play.

Friday, June 13, 2008

hi, sorry i'm late

wednesday: 1. over dandylion's house for a study group for the bio exam. hope i didn't bomb it (but as long as i pass the exam, i'll still have an A in the class)
2. softball game and OHMYGOD WE BEAT RED STORM (aka those people who we got creamed by and tied but never beat). i was 0-for-1, but my walk (and a coupla stolen bases and a sac by someone in the lineup after me) ended up getting me home. i slid fine, but i think i got stuck on home plate getting up (the knee on my pants got snagged i think) and my knee has a lovely skinning/line design. it hurts.

thursday: last day of exams/school, music picnic, and david left the school without me so i couldn't get a ride home and mom was REEEEAAALLY mad 'cause i didn't tell her that we'd be getting home late but if i had my cell phone, i would've called her.

today: i'm here, what more do you want? happy friday the 13th.

baseball update: red sox beat baltimore 9-2, royals beat the rangers 6-5 i think but i honestly don't care 'cause my buddy hit his 7th home run (a 2-run homie. i've noticed that most, if not all, of his home runs are 2-run shots. weird.)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

hi again

one more thing, i was seriously bored (i mean, it's a bajillion degrees out and i have nothing better to do) so i made a website.
have fun, comment, whatever.

history in the making

or at least for me.
what i'm talking about is the fact that we had a half day 'cause of the heat. sure, i've had oodles of half days 'cause of snow, almost one 'cause of a power outage, but i've never been sent home 'cause it was too hot out. (the people who went to the middle school said they had one but i don't care about what they went through, i'm talking about my experiences)

yay royals beat the yankees 3-2 boo my buddy didn't score and only had one hit but that's ok!

Monday, June 9, 2008

oh, hey, did anyone see/hear about this? yikes.
this is why getting hit by the pitch is bad. this is why throwing an inside pitch is bad, whether you did it on purpose (if that's the case, shame on mr. rays pitcher dude) or not (if that's the case, shame on crisp.)

it's hot out.

enough said. (i wanted to put some words in from the poem to describe how i feel but i can't find it right now.)

aaugh! quiero saltar en la piscina!

speaking of which, it was insanely hot on saturday, so when i had all of my friends over, we jumped in the pool and practically jumped back out because it was so cold. it was 70, which is very cold for those of you who don't know. 80 is average. and we played 'chicken', which was a little problematic 'cause it was unwritten that the girls would sit on the guys' shoulders, but because i weigh more than my person, i fell off a number of times.
and then the swing, parts 1 and 2, and the zipper, but unless you know what i'm talking about, i'm not going to explain. one of those 'you had to be there' things. (becky and lauren, if you read this, i need to talk to you. becky 'cause i need to add something, and lauren 'cause you don't know what i'm talking about but it's kinda important not really but i want to tell you anyway so i can catch you up to what you missed)

sox won yay ellsbury out boo. royals lost boo to the yankees double boo my buddy had a hit yay.

no softball today (the town decided to nix any sport practices, including rec league stuffs. THANK YOU!

(and not that you need to know this, but i cut my knees while shaving my legs yesterday and it itches waaah!)

Friday, June 6, 2008


funny joke from the comedy central joke of the day gadget on my igoogle homepage:
Pay A-tention
The Lone Ranger and Tonto were camping out one night. Tonto, after having a very bad dream, woke up to see the stars up above him. He woke the Lone Ranger and said to him, "What you think?"
The Lone Ranger replies reassuringly, "Well, Tonto, it's like this, God gives us miracles in life. Each day is a new beginning, just like every night there's a new star in the sky. What do you think?"
Tonto looks at him, confused and says, "Tonto think someone stole tent."


last 'regular-season' game yesterday, against the heat. and we lost. but only by 2, so that's not bad. and the coach decided to move me in the batting order from 2nd-to-last to 1st, and i struck out first time up. (i was up a total of 4 times, 2 Ks, 1 GO and a walk). but i made 2 outs (caught 2 flies, one was almost a double play :D).
avg: .167 (2 for 12), obp: .250 (4 for 16, still not sure if i'm counting my at-bats right...)

yay sox are in lead of AL east :D, won last night (but ellsbury got a booboo and might be out for a little bit :( )
royals lost. oh well.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

i feel bad

feel-bad activity #1: this is more of a 'aw-crap-i-can't-believe-i-actually-did-that' moment, but i left my pencil box at home. grrr. and i knew EXACTLY where it was. (sitting right here on the computer desk)

feel-bad activity #2: i was holding the puppies in ag today and i was shifting my legs so the puppies could get up easier and lefty (one of the puppies, the left side of her face is all brown and the rest of her is white) kinda rolled off my lap and into the water dish so she was all cold and wet. i had her on my lap for the rest of the time drying her off and keeping her warm. and bandit (another puppy, he has brown ears and two black eyes) kept chewing on my merrells.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

'do not fear the eyes'

that apparently needs to be my mantra when drawing people, especially a certain favorite baseball player of mine. but this picture turned out a lot better than the other one. the eyes are a little weird, but that's ok.

last night we lost 14-something, but that's ok (well, not really, but whatever) 'cause i hit again :D and i made it home again :D for our first run :D.
and i reeeeaaally need to work on my sliding (i kinda fell into 3rd and slid too late and kerflumped into home. mike says i need to slide a few feet in front of home, but because it's level with the ground and i'm afraid that my weight will send me straight down and not across, i always slide too late and end up sitting on home at the end of my slide)
sooo: avg. is .222 (2 for 9), obp is .250 (3 for 12, but i'm not sure i counted my at-bats correctly...)

sox lost. oh well. royals were off.

and my buddy leads the royals in all-star votes :D

Sunday, June 1, 2008

huh. ellsbury, alex gordon, pedroia and some dude on the angels have the same batting avg (.281, tied for 28th in AL)

i've come to a conclusion

i've finally figured out what's wrong with my picture (you know, aside from everything). i've figured out that it doesn't really look like alex gordon, it instead looks like a very confused jon lester in a royals uniform (which would explain the confused part)! not that that's a bad thing, i just wanted it to look more like it was s'posed to.

but i copied a picture from my buddy's NEXT 2007 article and i'm gonna try that one, so let's hope for the best.

oh, and i went to a defenders game (the defenders are double-A for the giants, btw), and the double-A for the mets won 5-3 but that's ok 'cause it was a good game.
(and i was SO close to getting an autograph! my book was RIGHT in front of mr. #15 dude, but he had to leave and i was all bummed even though i didn't know who he was) (but now i know that it's jason waddell, one of the pitchers, 'cause i went on the defenders' website)

and for one last thing, huzzah for manny for hitting his 500th homie :)
(and huzzah for ellsbury for stealing 3 bases in last night's win)