Friday, May 23, 2008

what a surprise

guess who won 11-8.

good game, though. the royals worked hard to fight back, but the sox's 2 grand salamis and 3 other runs just beat them.
and in the top of the 9th, there were 2 outs, runners at the corners and alex gordon was up and he hit it, so i'm like 'yaaay he hit it' and ellsbury was going to catch it so my sox side was like 'yeah, go ellsbury, catch it for the last out! yaaay' and then my royals side was like 'no! don't catch it! don't catch it! bad ellsbury! bad ellsbury! don't catch it!' but he did anyway. i was, as ellie says, momentarily confubbled.

i missed my game, don't know the score. had to go to the ag awards ceremony thing. and i held a chinchilla (twister), and taylor h. went to high-5 me and wanted a hug instead so i gave him a hug and he picked me up off the ground which was a little scary seeing as we're the same height and i'm pretty sure i weigh more than him. and it caught me off guard, too

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