Thursday, May 8, 2008

tengo una canción stuck in mi cabeza

and for the last time, dan, it's CABEZA, not cabasa. a cabasa is a percussion instrument! i should know! i play percussion!

anyway, i have 'anything but ordinary' by avril lavigne stuck in my head
('is it enough to love, is it enough to breathe, somebody rip my heart out and leave me here to bleed, is it enough to die, somebody save my life, i'd rather be anything but ordinary, please')
lovely stuff, huh?


Ellie said...

it is so easy for that song to get stuck in your head!

mandachan said...

i know. i hate it when you get random songs stuck in your head (i had 'sorry' by buckcherry stuck in my head all during my gym final)

mandachan said...
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