Tuesday, May 13, 2008

some more updateage

last night, we still played. tied 11-11 (we could've played more, but it was getting dark), and my outing consisted of K, HBP, K. and i tripped in the outfield. so my avg is still .000 (0 for 4) and my obp is .167 (1 for 6). wow. and i have a bruise/swollen thigh. it hurts when you poke it.

and little did i know that we had elections today so i totally freaked out and pulled a quasi-tia on stage. needless to say, i didn't read off of my speech, said what was on there in about 3 sentences and walked off (didn't freak out but was close). and my big mangled bunch of words that sorta made sense got me 4th place... out of 4. so i'm 'treasurer'. oh well. better than nothing.

and the sox lost. royals were off.

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