Tuesday, May 27, 2008

ooh! importantness!

not that most of you care but here's the leaders of the possible lineup for the all-star game (al, don't know about nl)

catcher: varitek :D
first base: youkilis :D
second base: pedroia :D
shortstop: jeter >:(
third base: a-rod >:( >:(. my boyfriend would've been a much better choice >:(
outfield: m. ramirez :D, i. suzuki, guerrero
dh: d. ortiz :D

that's 5 sockies out of 9 peeps, in case you were wondering. don't know pitchers.


Ellie said...

the nl hasn't come out yet and fans don't vote on pitchers. it would be fun to see all of red sox at yankee stadium i just wish Grady could get one of the outfield spots!

mandachan said...

that would be funny. (and now i feel really stupid about the pitchers thing.)
still bummed that my buddy isn't in the top 5 for 3rd base. and my other buddy isn't even eligible.