Wednesday, May 21, 2008

now you know why i love him so much

(you know, aside from the fact that he's cute and all... :D)

(ha, he made a funny face :D)
ok, so masterson pitched a beautiful 6 1/3 inning, but the 3 hits he gave up were to none other than my buddy :D. he doubled in the first (got stranded after guillen struck out for the 3rd out), singled the next time he was up (took too big of a lead when guillen popped it up to crisp and overslid back to first so youkilis tagged him out for the 3rd out. ooh, you should have seen the look he gave. it was like a julio-lugo-i'm-gonna-kill-you up-at-bat look, but 10 times worse), and then he doubled the time after that.
so basic rundown: alex gordon was 3 for 3, 2 doubles, a single and a walk.

and the sox won, but that's ok 'cause the sox are my team and i don't really care about the royals, as long as my buddy does ok. and he was all i could look forward to (ellsbury didn't play until the 9th, which i didn't watch)


Ellie said...

Nice pic! I basically do the same thing when David is playing against Xavier. I don't care if Xavier goes 12-for-12 with 6 home runs as long as the Mets win. Although, that would be quite a game!

mandachan said...

that would be cool. i'm excited that i actually found a decent pic. most of them emphasize the fact that he's not exactly skinny. not to say he's fat, 'cause he's not. i'm just saying.