Monday, May 12, 2008

it's s'posed to be raining...

oh, well. the game is still on. unless if we drove to the field and the heavens opened up. that would suck.

anyway, i have a correction. my batting avg is still .000 but because my last ground out at 1st was a sacrifice rbi thingamawhozit, it apparently doesn't really count as an at-bat. so now i'm really 0 for 2. still not that great.

sox lost (ellsbury went 0 for 4 but still had a run)
royals won (alex gordon went something for something and had a run and an rbi)

and i was going to do abstracts for ch 8-10 for bio because i wanted some extra points on the quizzes so i'd have to hand them in tomorrow and then i was just like 'naaaah...' so i only did one. i still need to draft out my essay questions but i'll finish that later and i still have study tomorrow...

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