Monday, May 26, 2008

happy day-after-memorial-day day, folks

(sorry, couldn't think of a title)

my weekend festivities:

  • saturday: i don't think we did much aside from roto-till the garden, which i technically didn't do. all i did was pick up poop from around the yard. woohoo. and practiced. woohoo.
  • sunday: nearly died marching in the memorial day parade (i mean, a mile is no big deal, but thick navy blue polos and long pants aren't fun for walking in the sun in), and then we went to a hooflah with mike's family. once again, i was like 'i don't know any of you people!!!!' but i ended up meeting this totally awesome dude (while trying to not trash my khakis getting a kayak out of the cove)
  • monday: we planted in the garden, had 'piao' lessons, practiced a little (can not believe that i actually had the guts to swing at a negatively inside pitch. as in it was thrown behind me.)

yup, i'm a loser.

and it just dawned on me this weekend that i won't see buddy#1 until aug4th when the sox play at kauffman. :,(

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