Thursday, May 29, 2008

extra yaaay!

many things for me to 'yay' about from yesterday:
  1. i finally told tia about what i needed to tell her and she was so proud of me she tackle-hugged me.
  2. i didn't forget my lunch. always good.
  3. i started my grid-picture of my buddy (the one from a few entries ago), and it didn't turn out that bad
  4. softball-ness: dan, david AND tj showed up, i got my first hit :D, i got my first run :D, i got another sacrifice grounder rbi thing :D. and we won something to something but it was a 1 run game 'cause the heat was winning in the bottom of the last inning, but we scored and after we outscored them, they called the game. so my avg. is .142 (1 for 7, not counting the sac.s and HBP), and my obp. is .200 (2 for 10)

but i'm kinda bummed 'cause i finished the pic today and it's fine... except for the eyes. i HATE drawing eyes! it ALWAYS screws me up! aaugh! i'm going to try again with a different picture tomorrow.

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