Thursday, May 29, 2008


here is a comic from a few days ago for you people to enjoy. i thought it was funny.


you know, it's nice to have someone say something nice about one of my buddies for once instead of ratting on them about a game they sucked in.

extra yaaay!

many things for me to 'yay' about from yesterday:
  1. i finally told tia about what i needed to tell her and she was so proud of me she tackle-hugged me.
  2. i didn't forget my lunch. always good.
  3. i started my grid-picture of my buddy (the one from a few entries ago), and it didn't turn out that bad
  4. softball-ness: dan, david AND tj showed up, i got my first hit :D, i got my first run :D, i got another sacrifice grounder rbi thing :D. and we won something to something but it was a 1 run game 'cause the heat was winning in the bottom of the last inning, but we scored and after we outscored them, they called the game. so my avg. is .142 (1 for 7, not counting the sac.s and HBP), and my obp. is .200 (2 for 10)

but i'm kinda bummed 'cause i finished the pic today and it's fine... except for the eyes. i HATE drawing eyes! it ALWAYS screws me up! aaugh! i'm going to try again with a different picture tomorrow.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

ooh! importantness!

not that most of you care but here's the leaders of the possible lineup for the all-star game (al, don't know about nl)

catcher: varitek :D
first base: youkilis :D
second base: pedroia :D
shortstop: jeter >:(
third base: a-rod >:( >:(. my boyfriend would've been a much better choice >:(
outfield: m. ramirez :D, i. suzuki, guerrero
dh: d. ortiz :D

that's 5 sockies out of 9 peeps, in case you were wondering. don't know pitchers.

Monday, May 26, 2008

happy day-after-memorial-day day, folks

(sorry, couldn't think of a title)

my weekend festivities:

  • saturday: i don't think we did much aside from roto-till the garden, which i technically didn't do. all i did was pick up poop from around the yard. woohoo. and practiced. woohoo.
  • sunday: nearly died marching in the memorial day parade (i mean, a mile is no big deal, but thick navy blue polos and long pants aren't fun for walking in the sun in), and then we went to a hooflah with mike's family. once again, i was like 'i don't know any of you people!!!!' but i ended up meeting this totally awesome dude (while trying to not trash my khakis getting a kayak out of the cove)
  • monday: we planted in the garden, had 'piao' lessons, practiced a little (can not believe that i actually had the guts to swing at a negatively inside pitch. as in it was thrown behind me.)

yup, i'm a loser.

and it just dawned on me this weekend that i won't see buddy#1 until aug4th when the sox play at kauffman. :,(

Friday, May 23, 2008

what a surprise

guess who won 11-8.

good game, though. the royals worked hard to fight back, but the sox's 2 grand salamis and 3 other runs just beat them.
and in the top of the 9th, there were 2 outs, runners at the corners and alex gordon was up and he hit it, so i'm like 'yaaay he hit it' and ellsbury was going to catch it so my sox side was like 'yeah, go ellsbury, catch it for the last out! yaaay' and then my royals side was like 'no! don't catch it! don't catch it! bad ellsbury! bad ellsbury! don't catch it!' but he did anyway. i was, as ellie says, momentarily confubbled.

i missed my game, don't know the score. had to go to the ag awards ceremony thing. and i held a chinchilla (twister), and taylor h. went to high-5 me and wanted a hug instead so i gave him a hug and he picked me up off the ground which was a little scary seeing as we're the same height and i'm pretty sure i weigh more than him. and it caught me off guard, too

Thursday, May 22, 2008

... and the royals lose again

they lost 6-3 last night, and it was funny 'cause they're like 'oh, colon pitched really well and only walked two batters' and i'm like 'nooo! he didn't walk two batters, he walked the same batter (which happened to be alex gordon) twice!'. and ellsbury had a lead-off home run, so i wanted to put a picture 'cause otherwise i'd feel bad for having a pic of my other buddy and not him, but i couldn't find a decent one.

and by the looks of it right now, they'll probably lose again. but they worked their way up from a 4-run deficit to a 2-run deficit (the first two runs by the royals were from my buddy walking and guillen scoring him :D)
but that's ok. my buddy is doing good... actually, both of them are doing good, so that's all i care about. it's an added bonus if one of them wins (which they kinda have to...)

...oh, and what's up with the death at wherever atlanta plays? WHAT IS WITH THESE PEOPLE FALLING OFF OF STAIRS?!?!?!?! i mean, first it was shea stadium, and now it's atlanta-braves-land! aaugh!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

now you know why i love him so much

(you know, aside from the fact that he's cute and all... :D)

(ha, he made a funny face :D)
ok, so masterson pitched a beautiful 6 1/3 inning, but the 3 hits he gave up were to none other than my buddy :D. he doubled in the first (got stranded after guillen struck out for the 3rd out), singled the next time he was up (took too big of a lead when guillen popped it up to crisp and overslid back to first so youkilis tagged him out for the 3rd out. ooh, you should have seen the look he gave. it was like a julio-lugo-i'm-gonna-kill-you up-at-bat look, but 10 times worse), and then he doubled the time after that.
so basic rundown: alex gordon was 3 for 3, 2 doubles, a single and a walk.

and the sox won, but that's ok 'cause the sox are my team and i don't really care about the royals, as long as my buddy does ok. and he was all i could look forward to (ellsbury didn't play until the 9th, which i didn't watch)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

one last thing

i was bored a few minutes ago and found out that buddy#1 got hit by the pitch 15 times last year. makes my 1 HBP sound kinda wimpy. and he struck out 137 times. all this in 151 games.
bottom line: SUCK IT UP! even major league awesomeness players like my buddy can get hit and strike out and all that crap!

last night was not the best for the boys in blue

... or the girls in blue, for that matter
as you know, lester no-hitted the royals last night (yay lester) and the sox won 7-0 (yay sox) and ellsbury had 2 stolen bases and a triple (yay ellsbury). but i only saw about 5 seconds (mom turned it on real quick so i could see the score and grudzielanek was up. little did i know that alex gordon batted next, but i listened to the radio and heard him fly out to manny)
but red storm kicked our butts again, i don't know the score. all i know is that we lost by a lot (but not as bad as our first game even though the coach was still REALLY mad at us) and i did the same exact thing both times at bat (a ball at some point, foul strikes and got called on the last strike)

yay mismatch day boo totally made myself look like a total idiot (first thing tia said when she walked into homeroom: 'you look f***ed up') but that's ok 'cause that's the point of school spirit week and mismatch day. tomorrow: hawaiian day. no coconut bras, please.

Monday, May 19, 2008

you ready for this?

(*play theme song from space jam here*)

i know i'm ready. i just need to not suck in today's game first. we're playing red storm again (who we lost and tied to). i personally like playing the heat better, mainly 'cause i actually hit the ball those two times i was up at bat...

and modern technology never ceases to amaze me. how come it takes an oven 20 minutes to cook a tv dinner when it takes a microwave 6 minutes to heat one to the point of burning my tongue with every bite? (and how come it's taken me this long to realize that i need to let it cool first?)

so i'm ready. are YOU ready?

Sunday, May 18, 2008

i can't wait!

24 hours and about 30 minutes until my two teams collide in the first of a 4 game series! woot! even though i'll miss the first half of it 'cause i have a game. oh well

and the sox won 11-7 and the royals won 9-3.


Thursday, May 15, 2008


more baseball stuffs:
following the current trend, you can already figure out who, out of the 2 teams i sorta pay attention to, lost and won.
(*coughsoxlostcough* *coughroyalswoncough*)

no games for the rest of the week for me. was s'posed to have a game on friday but there's a middle school dance so that would eliminate the other team and all but two of us. so we were s'posed to play tonight, but high school orientation is tonight, and once again that would eliminate a good chunk of both teams. and there were no fields open yesterday, sooo...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

another injury to add to the list

... even though this didn't really have anything to do with softball.
i stubbed my left big toe on the bathroom counter on saturday. yes, that's possible. i went to put my foot up on the counter for some reason and i didn't make it all the way up and hit my toe. it hurt but i was just like 'whatever' until i saw it bleeding a few minutes later.
so it's not really that ugly, the bandaid is annoying me more than anything (toes are hard things to put bandaids on)

sox lost royals won.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

some more updateage

last night, we still played. tied 11-11 (we could've played more, but it was getting dark), and my outing consisted of K, HBP, K. and i tripped in the outfield. so my avg is still .000 (0 for 4) and my obp is .167 (1 for 6). wow. and i have a bruise/swollen thigh. it hurts when you poke it.

and little did i know that we had elections today so i totally freaked out and pulled a quasi-tia on stage. needless to say, i didn't read off of my speech, said what was on there in about 3 sentences and walked off (didn't freak out but was close). and my big mangled bunch of words that sorta made sense got me 4th place... out of 4. so i'm 'treasurer'. oh well. better than nothing.

and the sox lost. royals were off.

Monday, May 12, 2008

it's s'posed to be raining...

oh, well. the game is still on. unless if we drove to the field and the heavens opened up. that would suck.

anyway, i have a correction. my batting avg is still .000 but because my last ground out at 1st was a sacrifice rbi thingamawhozit, it apparently doesn't really count as an at-bat. so now i'm really 0 for 2. still not that great.

sox lost (ellsbury went 0 for 4 but still had a run)
royals won (alex gordon went something for something and had a run and an rbi)

and i was going to do abstracts for ch 8-10 for bio because i wanted some extra points on the quizzes so i'd have to hand them in tomorrow and then i was just like 'naaaah...' so i only did one. i still need to draft out my essay questions but i'll finish that later and i still have study tomorrow...

Friday, May 9, 2008

it's raining...

sorry. general update.

softball: we won against the heat 12-5 and my avg is still .000 (0 for 3), but that's ok 'cause i hit both times i was up, i just got thrown out at first. but i had an rbi, so that's kewl.

baseball: sox won 5-1, royals lost 4-1

Thursday, May 8, 2008

tengo una canción stuck in mi cabeza

and for the last time, dan, it's CABEZA, not cabasa. a cabasa is a percussion instrument! i should know! i play percussion!

anyway, i have 'anything but ordinary' by avril lavigne stuck in my head
('is it enough to love, is it enough to breathe, somebody rip my heart out and leave me here to bleed, is it enough to die, somebody save my life, i'd rather be anything but ordinary, please')
lovely stuff, huh?

i'm so excited

('and i just cant hide it... don't know the rest of the words...' but whoever decided to let a 3-year-old get a singing card in their hands is on something)

i'm so excited 'cause buddy numero uno hit a 2 run homie in last night's 9-something win over the angels (DANGIT I KEEP TYPING ANGLES!!!! AAUGH!)
and buddy numero dos had 2 runs and 2 stolen bases in last night's game but they lost (aw man)

so hopefully some of my buddies' awesomeness will rub off on me tonight 'cause by the looks of it the game's still on (was raining earlier. and of course we had a fire drill today.). but it'd be nice to not lose, seeing as we got creamed last time.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


and now for a 'yaaay booo' segment:
yaaay buddy#1 went 2 for 3 with 1 rbi last night booo the royals still lost. again.
yaaay sox won 5-0 booo buddy #2 didn't play.
(and i feel bad for the 2nd tigers' pitcher last night 'cause his first pitch in a major league game was manny's 497th homer)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"lately, i'm thinking..."

(yes i know i took that off of igoogle but here i have a lot of space to say what i need to)
for those of you who didn't already hear about the creamage, we got creamed yesterday 20something to 5ish, and the sad part is that i was up at bat once (pulled an alex gordon first day shpeel, struck out with 2 outs and a person on 3rd DANGIT!), there weren't that many hits and most of the runs scored were on walks and steals. i played left center, right center (yes we have 2 centers), left bench (we had too many people to be in the field at once) and 2nd, where i almost made a few plays but the ball didn't make the out for whatever reason (it got stuck in my glove once. how embarassing)

in other news, the sox won against the tigers 6-3 and the royals lost. again. and my buddy went 0-for-whatever. again.

Monday, May 5, 2008

holy crap!

i just found an article on my espn mlb gadget thing and this (apparently pissed off) Yankees fan drove her car at these two Red Sox fans after a bar argument and hit them and killed one of them. i realize that this rivalry has been going on for forever but you don't need to kill someone over it! come on!

baseball. i love the sport but sometimes it brings on stupid actions (like that royals pitcher who busted his hand punching a door)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

this, my friends...

... is why we don't take our anger out on a wooden door and punch it.
(thanks ellie for showing me that. incredible.)

oh, and the royals won 2-0 yaaay even though my buddy didn't really do much

and we're off!

opening day yesterday. not bad, but because it was kinda crappy and the fields were all muddy, we didn't play. but i was happy anyway 'cause i finally got my uniform and i got my #4 jersey yaaay! hopefully some of the royals third baseman #4 luck will rub off on me, hopefully not the strikeout/ground out/fly out kinda performance he's been up to lately.

sox won 12-4 last night against the rays (this time at fenway). as of right now (3:39 pm EST), the sox are up 4-0 in the bottom of the 5th, soon to be 6th (ellsbury has the first run :D :D :D :D). the royals are in the bottom of the 9th against the indians at home, winning 2-0 (alex gordon didn't do much aside from get to first and then second on bad throws).

ooh, and when i was practicing in the back yard yesterday, i hit what would've been another nice line drive but again it bounced off the swingset and this time it hit my bat again on my follow-thru and went near the pool. not quite as awesome as getting hit in the forehead but still cool.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

k, let's try this again

(wouldn't let me post yesterday for whatever reason)

sox won 2 in a row against the bluejays (last night 2-1, night before 1-zip), lowell is back but drew is benched from right leg problems and ellsbury has a 'sore right groin' from attempting a leaping catch a few games ago (weird spot to be sore...)
and the royals are just being the royals. lose a few, win a few (last night lost 11-9, night before won 9-5). even though they are at the bottom of the al central. and my buddy has the highest batting average out of the whole team, tied for 18th in al. (even though last time i checked the score for today he grounded into a double play)

ooh, and i hit a wiffleball and it would've been a nice line drive if it hadn't hit the swingset and came back and hit me in the forehead. it was really funny.