Monday, April 14, 2008

what's not to love?

things are starting to look out for both of my teams.
for starters, the sox kicked the yankees' butts last night and saturday night (last night was 8-5 i think with ellsbury scoring in the first inning, saturday i don't remember and i don't feel like checking right now).
and the royals are on FIRE... or at least my man is. *in a sportscasterish tone* in last night's 5-1 victory over the twins, royals third baseman alex gordon was a star player, scoring 3 runs, including a solo home run in the 8th.
(wasn't that a good 1-sentence recap? maybe sportscasting or sports journalism is in my future. but then again, the only reason i know this is because alex gordon is the best. i mean, he's a great player, he's hot, ...uh ...)
and that just about wraps up this edition of red sox/alex gordon game coverage of last night. see you tomorrow... or whenever

(that granola smells REEEEAALLLYY good...)


Ellie said...

granola always smells good (most of the time)! i haven't been able to master the one sentence recap just yet but yours was nice. nice wins!

mandachan said...

thnx :D. glad it's starting to look good for the sox, especially with lowell's boo-boo thumb and big papi not doing so hot.