Friday, April 25, 2008

"man party!"

... except once again, i am not a man and it's only me and sam and sage (and they are not men either) and the fish (don't know what gender and honestly don't care), and it is not a party. mom and mike went out for dinner so i got stuck watching the little one and the furry one and the spastic ones.
(the 'man party' thing was a theme this week for those of you who don't know. long story. involves talking about streaking a lot)

-sox lost, but you know that already.
-royals lost both doubleheader games, 9-6 and 2-zip, and my boyfriend errored :,( but he scored a run later (both of these happened in the first game)
-the mets' catcher dude has an infected right thumb so i'm siding with ellie and hope he gets better soon (and same with varitek, except he has the flu. lowell has the booboo thumb)
-next game: red sox at devil rays 7:10, royals at someone 8:10

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