Wednesday, April 16, 2008

man on a mission

... except for the fact that i finished all of my chores... and i'm not a man... (don't say it, dandylion, don't say it...)
yup, went thru my clothes (i can actually close my dresser drawers! it's a miracle), cleaned my fishtank (those little zebra danios are hard to catch when you're chasing them around the fishtank with a net), took a shower and now i am bored enough i could poke myself in the eye with a spoon. not that i'd do that on purpose.
and my finger still looks gross. i took a picture of it (didn't come out that great) so i can show people my warwound when it heals in a million years. at least the bruise and the skidmark from getting hit with those two pop flys are mostly gone.(ULTRA BRUSIE! that was for you, dandylion even though your internet might still be screwed up)
yaaay sox won booo royals lost last night. oh well. back to normal, i guess. as long as my man does good (he must be, he has a higher batting average than a-rod! woot!)

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