Tuesday, April 8, 2008

'make the world a better place...'

'..., punch a yankee in the face' (that was a shirt matt m. saw in boston.)

yup, royals vs. yankees at kauffman stadium (rrgh! can never remember how many f's there are!) . this is going to be fun. come on, royals! kick their butts!
and the sox are doing better (last time i checked, they were winning 4-zip against the tigers... but then again, if the royals can beat the tigers, the sox can beat them by twice as much)

i love major league baseball. good thing, 'cause i have NO future in softball (the highlight of last night's practice was me getting hit in the chin with a pop fly)


Anonymous said...

oh, man. pop fly chin-hitting. i think your life is almost as dangerous as mine, which involves being thrown on a floor on tuesdays, thursdays, and saturdays.

i can think of nothing to say. except tia keeps on stealing the seat next to me. this makes chelsea mad (i don't think you know her, chelsea robinson?) i feel so popular when this happens.

Ellie said...

I forgot what blog I read it on but the writer came p with the t-shirt slogan
"i may throw like a girl but you throw like johnny damon"