Monday, April 21, 2008

living proof of murphy's law

'what can go wrong will go wrong'. that just about sums up the past few weeks. and a new thing to add: sun poisoning. woohoo. i hate being pale.
and the royals got their butts kicked 7-1 last night. as long as my buddy does fine, that's all i care about.
but the sox are on fire with a sweep of the rangers. yaaay
guess it's back to the way it was (baseball-wise, i'd prefer not to ever get burnt or get sun poisoning again, thankyouverymuch)
so that's it. yippee bio outline. stab me with a spoon.


Ellie said...

the mets also lost 7-1. what could we be doing wrong?

mandachan said...

i don't know. but i can see now why the high school team cut me (i look just as bad in rec league. cripes, i have the skills of a kindergartener. that's embarrassing.)