Friday, April 18, 2008

it sure is a hot one today, folks

and sunny, too. not good for pale skin. sometimes i'm seriously convinced i'm a vampire 'cause i burn so easily >:(

anyway, because it's only fair, i'd like to introduce an awesome blog to you people. it's called 'Mr. Met is My Brother' (, and it's really cool. and i don't care if none of you people watch or even remotely like baseball, check it out or i will find you and give you the melanthios treatment from the odyssey (surprised i still remember that), even if you are a girl (which'll be kinda hard, but i'll figure it out). ellie is very cool and has a lot of neat stuff on her blog. and she likes alex gordon :D :D :D :D


Ellie said...

there is something about his face and he always looks happy!

Evil Genius Extraordinaire said...

Crazy kid riding a scooter past softball practice at, oh, 7:15? Yeah, that was me. I saw amanda evans first and then you in the outfield w/ white shirt.

mandachan said...

david, i was wearing a blue shirt yesterday, not a white one. and i didn't notice. sorry.

Ellie said...

if you go to the mlb page on espn and scroll down to the poll question you can vote for alex gordon's diving stop as the web gem of the week
i voted for him!