Tuesday, April 22, 2008


although i think it's a combo of sunburn, maybe sun poisoning and an allergic reaction to that proactiv sunscreen stuff. grrr. so now i can't use that sunscreen or coppertone sport or normal banana boat.
... not that any of you people care. just had to point that out.
and my finger kinda hurts 'cause the chunk of skin that was nearly taken off came off yesterday so it's all raw skin on my right ring fingertip. piano is going to be interesting.
and then mike is taking me to the batting cages again. everybody cross your fingers. and toes, if you can.


Ellie said...

i guess i would be more upset about the outcome of the 15-1 rout of the royals by the indians if Grady Sizemore wasn't so hot. i feel bad for alex but it wasn't his fault

mandachan said...

i know! that's horrible! but my other boyfriend made up for it with 2 homies in last night's 7-6 win over the angels (keep typing angles! grrr!)