Thursday, April 3, 2008

i'm siiiinging in the raaaaiiin...

... aside from the fact that, well, i can't sing.... and it's kinda not raining out. yet.

there, david, happy? i posted this dumb thing just for you so shut up already.

yeah, nothing exciting aside from going shopping with tia yesterday and that the sox are doing good (only 1 loss) and that the royals are *GASP!* undefeated. well, folks, there you have it, the royals are actually doing good for once. savor it now, while you can.

that's it. and you better comment, david (or anyone else), 'cause i know where you live, and remember the '1 move'-move: you'll be on the ground and you know it. >:D


Evil Genius Extraordinaire said...

Yay - I get to ride a bus 8 hours to Penn State on may 30. And oh yeah, i'm competing in the national math competition too. But 8 hours is teh suck. Anyway, thanx for updating us on your dry-weather non-vocalization.

Ellie said...

if u hadn't mentioned that the royals were undefeated they would probably still be undefeated now