Tuesday, April 29, 2008

i'm freeeeeeezing...

dangit new england! it was all warm and i was ready to pull out the shorts and you had to throw back the cold weather. why?!
anyway, just a quick little update.

  • no practice yesterday (rain) or the rest of this week (8th graders have their gettysburg trip) but opening day is still saturday so i won't get my uniform until i get there at quarter-of-10 am. and i hope i don't make myself look stupid (i'm good at that...)
  • i went on mlb.com 'cause i was bored and my buddy (#1) was all over the place! he was in the KC preview for the rangers game tonight 'cause he's the "royal of the month", and on the actual royals page, he's in the ad for mlbtv mobile, and he's on the page for voting who'll be on the all-star team this year (i'd vote but i needed to do a bio outline). he's everywhere! aaugh! i mean, yeah, he's cute and all but he's following meeee! (kinda like the numbers 4, 7 and 43...) oh, and he still has a higher batting average than a-rod.
  • and while we're on the topic of batting avgs, my other buddy has a higher average than derek jeter. just had to point that out.
  • and while we're talking about baseball, what is up with all of the DL peeps? sizemore's out with a bummed-up ankle, matsuzaka's switching rotation spots with lester 'cause he has the flu, lowell is just getting off the DL with his booboo thumb, casey screwed up his hip flexor (i still don't understand what hip flexors are), schneider is still with that weird thumb infection thing, and ha ha a-rod is out with his leg again nananananana! dan, if you make any of my buddies get a ground ball facial or something bad like that, i'll kick your butt!

necesito comer mi 'dinner'. adios.

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