Tuesday, April 15, 2008

'if it seems the fates are against you today...

...they probably are.' (that fortune cookie fortune in my binder)
except i think the fates have been against me for the past month in one particular 8-letter word area.
  • first warwound: got hit in throwing hand 3rd day of tryouts, screwed up my throwing
  • second warwound: got cut from HS team (more of an emotional warwound than anything)
  • third warwound: got hit in chin with pop fly 1st day of rec league practice, skinned chin
  • fourth warwound: got hit in chin with another pop fly 3rd day of rec league practice in same spot, have a black-and-blue-and-green-and-yellow-and-red and swollen chin
  • fifth warwound: got hit in the right ring finger yesterday at the batting cages, split my fingertip. oh, it's gross. i'd upload a picture but i don't feel like trying to figure it out and it'd probably gross you guys out anyway

... i think the softball gods are trying to tell me something

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