Wednesday, April 23, 2008

half daaay! yaaay!

and a couple more things to yaaay about:
  1. ellsbury kicked some serious angel butt last night with two homies and just being awesome; this makes up for the royals getting their butts royally kicked 15-1 last night (pun intended sortof) and alex gordon went 1for3. alex gordon is my buddy but ellsbury is a close second (and i wore my jersey today yaaay)
  2. successful outing at the batting cages last night, no damage other than my hands tingling 'cause i had no batting gloves as shock absorbers.
  3. arms and hands and back of neck don't itch nearly as bad although they still itch a little.
  4. ... something but i forgot.

and i like that picture post, ellie. mostly the last picture 'cause most of the other ones i didn't recognize...

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