Thursday, April 17, 2008

the curse of the chan-manda

whoo, sounds like some twisted egyptian myth or something like that.
anyway, i'm on my 6th (7th? 8th?) warwound: got hit in the ankle with a pitch.
ok, so we were working on our batting and the coach wanted sarah to pitch so she did and i didn't swing at much (didn't want a relaspe of monday, thank you very much), so i was up there for a while and i would jump out of the way (reflexes) except i didn't move out for one and got nailed in the right ankle. i sucked it up, gave sarah the julio lugo face (not 'cause i was mad, more 'cause i just wanted to get a hit and run to first and get it over with), missed a few more, finally hit it and scored an in-the-park home run. it would've been an out at first, no doubt, but because i had only hit about 2 in the bajillion pitches, the other girls were like 'whatever' and only half-tried to get me out. and i made sarah feel really bad. oooops.
i think i hold the team record for times getting hit by the pitch.

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