Monday, April 7, 2008

baseball update

not that any of you people really care.

ok, the royals aren't undefeated anymore, but they only had two losses (i only remember 1 but whatever). it's a miracle, people. and my man is kicking some serious other-team butt :D (2 2-run homies and he's growing out his hair again :D)
and the sox are doing terrible. poor sockies. (yes, i did just call my favorite baseball team the 'sockies'. what are you going to do to stop me?). at least my other buddies are doing sorta good. (ellsbury hit a home run and varitek hit two in yesterday's bluejays game)

woohoo off to rec league practice today. so not only am i a freshman (highschoolers generally aren't allowed to play unless they suck so bad that they got cut off of the team, like so), i have absolutely NO idea what i'm doing AND i haven't thrown or done conditioning/physical stuff since tryouts. lazy butt.

so that's it. adios

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