Tuesday, April 29, 2008

i'm freeeeeeezing...

dangit new england! it was all warm and i was ready to pull out the shorts and you had to throw back the cold weather. why?!
anyway, just a quick little update.

  • no practice yesterday (rain) or the rest of this week (8th graders have their gettysburg trip) but opening day is still saturday so i won't get my uniform until i get there at quarter-of-10 am. and i hope i don't make myself look stupid (i'm good at that...)
  • i went on mlb.com 'cause i was bored and my buddy (#1) was all over the place! he was in the KC preview for the rangers game tonight 'cause he's the "royal of the month", and on the actual royals page, he's in the ad for mlbtv mobile, and he's on the page for voting who'll be on the all-star team this year (i'd vote but i needed to do a bio outline). he's everywhere! aaugh! i mean, yeah, he's cute and all but he's following meeee! (kinda like the numbers 4, 7 and 43...) oh, and he still has a higher batting average than a-rod.
  • and while we're on the topic of batting avgs, my other buddy has a higher average than derek jeter. just had to point that out.
  • and while we're talking about baseball, what is up with all of the DL peeps? sizemore's out with a bummed-up ankle, matsuzaka's switching rotation spots with lester 'cause he has the flu, lowell is just getting off the DL with his booboo thumb, casey screwed up his hip flexor (i still don't understand what hip flexors are), schneider is still with that weird thumb infection thing, and ha ha a-rod is out with his leg again nananananana! dan, if you make any of my buddies get a ground ball facial or something bad like that, i'll kick your butt!

necesito comer mi 'dinner'. adios.

Monday, April 28, 2008

a day to not remember

yesterday baseball-wise sucked. sox lost 3-zip (swept by tampa bay), royals lost 5-2 and both of my "boyfriends" (notice the quotes, dandylion) went 0-for-whatever (alex gordon kept striking out and ellsbury kept flying out).
and yes i realize that many of you already heard this pissing and moaning from me. but i don't care. and there's no game to cheer me up today.
(i wonder if we still have softball practice 'cause it's kinda pouring out and the middle school field floods...)

Saturday, April 26, 2008


  1. sox lost 5-4 in 11 innings versus the rays last night. i don't know how my second boyfriend did aside from that his first fly out would've been a homerun if the wall had been a foot closer.
  2. royals won 8-4 but my boyfriend only went 1-5, no runs, no rbis
  3. the mets' catcher dude apparently has a staff (staph?) infection in his thumb. yikes. and the flu is still going around the sox but varitek and the other guys are getting better.

Friday, April 25, 2008

wait, hold on a second

few things:
  1. the royals are playing the bluejays but it's at kauffman stadium, not bluejayland.
  2. the sox are actually playing the just plain old rays (they changed it from devil rays. probably some religious cult made them change it. no lo comprendo. hey, that rhymed.)

"man party!"

... except once again, i am not a man and it's only me and sam and sage (and they are not men either) and the fish (don't know what gender and honestly don't care), and it is not a party. mom and mike went out for dinner so i got stuck watching the little one and the furry one and the spastic ones.
(the 'man party' thing was a theme this week for those of you who don't know. long story. involves talking about streaking a lot)

-sox lost, but you know that already.
-royals lost both doubleheader games, 9-6 and 2-zip, and my boyfriend errored :,( but he scored a run later (both of these happened in the first game)
-the mets' catcher dude has an infected right thumb so i'm siding with ellie and hope he gets better soon (and same with varitek, except he has the flu. lowell has the booboo thumb)
-next game: red sox at devil rays 7:10, royals at someone 8:10

Thursday, April 24, 2008


we lost 7-5. we had it. 3-1 in the whatever inning it was when i got home at 3. the 7th inning absolutely sucked for us (5 runs) and 1 more in the 3th (but please don't quote me on that), and big papi hit a 2-run homer and send my 2nd boyfriend in in the bottom of the 9th with two outs. oh well. 15 and 9. could be worse.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

half daaay! yaaay!

and a couple more things to yaaay about:
  1. ellsbury kicked some serious angel butt last night with two homies and just being awesome; this makes up for the royals getting their butts royally kicked 15-1 last night (pun intended sortof) and alex gordon went 1for3. alex gordon is my buddy but ellsbury is a close second (and i wore my jersey today yaaay)
  2. successful outing at the batting cages last night, no damage other than my hands tingling 'cause i had no batting gloves as shock absorbers.
  3. arms and hands and back of neck don't itch nearly as bad although they still itch a little.
  4. ... something but i forgot.

and i like that picture post, ellie. mostly the last picture 'cause most of the other ones i didn't recognize...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


although i think it's a combo of sunburn, maybe sun poisoning and an allergic reaction to that proactiv sunscreen stuff. grrr. so now i can't use that sunscreen or coppertone sport or normal banana boat.
... not that any of you people care. just had to point that out.
and my finger kinda hurts 'cause the chunk of skin that was nearly taken off came off yesterday so it's all raw skin on my right ring fingertip. piano is going to be interesting.
and then mike is taking me to the batting cages again. everybody cross your fingers. and toes, if you can.

Monday, April 21, 2008

living proof of murphy's law

'what can go wrong will go wrong'. that just about sums up the past few weeks. and a new thing to add: sun poisoning. woohoo. i hate being pale.
and the royals got their butts kicked 7-1 last night. as long as my buddy does fine, that's all i care about.
but the sox are on fire with a sweep of the rangers. yaaay
guess it's back to the way it was (baseball-wise, i'd prefer not to ever get burnt or get sun poisoning again, thankyouverymuch)
so that's it. yippee bio outline. stab me with a spoon.

Friday, April 18, 2008

it sure is a hot one today, folks

and sunny, too. not good for pale skin. sometimes i'm seriously convinced i'm a vampire 'cause i burn so easily >:(

anyway, because it's only fair, i'd like to introduce an awesome blog to you people. it's called 'Mr. Met is My Brother' (http://mrmetbro.blogspot.com/), and it's really cool. and i don't care if none of you people watch or even remotely like baseball, check it out or i will find you and give you the melanthios treatment from the odyssey (surprised i still remember that), even if you are a girl (which'll be kinda hard, but i'll figure it out). ellie is very cool and has a lot of neat stuff on her blog. and she likes alex gordon :D :D :D :D

Thursday, April 17, 2008

oops, one more thing

the sox lost 15-9 (stupid yankees). and the royals won 5-3 i think against the angels (wow, almost said angles. geometry taking a toll on me even during break)
and my man is still the picture i have on my desktop. 'cause he's the best :D

the curse of the chan-manda

whoo, sounds like some twisted egyptian myth or something like that.
anyway, i'm on my 6th (7th? 8th?) warwound: got hit in the ankle with a pitch.
ok, so we were working on our batting and the coach wanted sarah to pitch so she did and i didn't swing at much (didn't want a relaspe of monday, thank you very much), so i was up there for a while and i would jump out of the way (reflexes) except i didn't move out for one and got nailed in the right ankle. i sucked it up, gave sarah the julio lugo face (not 'cause i was mad, more 'cause i just wanted to get a hit and run to first and get it over with), missed a few more, finally hit it and scored an in-the-park home run. it would've been an out at first, no doubt, but because i had only hit about 2 in the bajillion pitches, the other girls were like 'whatever' and only half-tried to get me out. and i made sarah feel really bad. oooops.
i think i hold the team record for times getting hit by the pitch.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

man on a mission

... except for the fact that i finished all of my chores... and i'm not a man... (don't say it, dandylion, don't say it...)
yup, went thru my clothes (i can actually close my dresser drawers! it's a miracle), cleaned my fishtank (those little zebra danios are hard to catch when you're chasing them around the fishtank with a net), took a shower and now i am bored enough i could poke myself in the eye with a spoon. not that i'd do that on purpose.
and my finger still looks gross. i took a picture of it (didn't come out that great) so i can show people my warwound when it heals in a million years. at least the bruise and the skidmark from getting hit with those two pop flys are mostly gone.(ULTRA BRUSIE! that was for you, dandylion even though your internet might still be screwed up)
yaaay sox won booo royals lost last night. oh well. back to normal, i guess. as long as my man does good (he must be, he has a higher batting average than a-rod! woot!)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

'if it seems the fates are against you today...

...they probably are.' (that fortune cookie fortune in my binder)
except i think the fates have been against me for the past month in one particular 8-letter word area.
  • first warwound: got hit in throwing hand 3rd day of tryouts, screwed up my throwing
  • second warwound: got cut from HS team (more of an emotional warwound than anything)
  • third warwound: got hit in chin with pop fly 1st day of rec league practice, skinned chin
  • fourth warwound: got hit in chin with another pop fly 3rd day of rec league practice in same spot, have a black-and-blue-and-green-and-yellow-and-red and swollen chin
  • fifth warwound: got hit in the right ring finger yesterday at the batting cages, split my fingertip. oh, it's gross. i'd upload a picture but i don't feel like trying to figure it out and it'd probably gross you guys out anyway

... i think the softball gods are trying to tell me something

Monday, April 14, 2008

what's not to love?

things are starting to look out for both of my teams.
for starters, the sox kicked the yankees' butts last night and saturday night (last night was 8-5 i think with ellsbury scoring in the first inning, saturday i don't remember and i don't feel like checking right now).
and the royals are on FIRE... or at least my man is. *in a sportscasterish tone* in last night's 5-1 victory over the twins, royals third baseman alex gordon was a star player, scoring 3 runs, including a solo home run in the 8th.
(wasn't that a good 1-sentence recap? maybe sportscasting or sports journalism is in my future. but then again, the only reason i know this is because alex gordon is the best. i mean, he's a great player, he's hot, ...uh ...)
and that just about wraps up this edition of red sox/alex gordon game coverage of last night. see you tomorrow... or whenever

(that granola smells REEEEAALLLYY good...)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

awww, maaaan!

first 'awww, maaaan!': was all excited for practice yesterday and ready to not ever get hit again, 3rd fly ball i went after hit me in the EXACT same spot as the one on monday, minus the skid mark. so now i have a half butt chin (only one side is swollen. and it's starting to bruise)

second 'awww, maaaan!': yankees beat the sox grrr. and they beat the royals the other night, too.

third 'awww, maaaan!': ...i forgot my third 'awww, maaaan!' not intentionally.

that's it. nothing much. suck it up.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

shout out to those poor yankees fans out there:

i just want to say from the bottom of my heart that i am SOOO sorry that the royals kicked your guyses butts TWO DAYS IN A ROW!!!! woot!

(had to say that. said that to amber and patrick and maybe a few other yankees fans i know)

no damage done at practice yesterday aside from me making myself look silly and getting hit with a wiffleball (like that really hurt). i still have that scrape on my chin from monday.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

'make the world a better place...'

'..., punch a yankee in the face' (that was a shirt matt m. saw in boston.)

yup, royals vs. yankees at kauffman stadium (rrgh! can never remember how many f's there are!) . this is going to be fun. come on, royals! kick their butts!
and the sox are doing better (last time i checked, they were winning 4-zip against the tigers... but then again, if the royals can beat the tigers, the sox can beat them by twice as much)

i love major league baseball. good thing, 'cause i have NO future in softball (the highlight of last night's practice was me getting hit in the chin with a pop fly)

Monday, April 7, 2008

baseball update

not that any of you people really care.

ok, the royals aren't undefeated anymore, but they only had two losses (i only remember 1 but whatever). it's a miracle, people. and my man is kicking some serious other-team butt :D (2 2-run homies and he's growing out his hair again :D)
and the sox are doing terrible. poor sockies. (yes, i did just call my favorite baseball team the 'sockies'. what are you going to do to stop me?). at least my other buddies are doing sorta good. (ellsbury hit a home run and varitek hit two in yesterday's bluejays game)

woohoo off to rec league practice today. so not only am i a freshman (highschoolers generally aren't allowed to play unless they suck so bad that they got cut off of the team, like so), i have absolutely NO idea what i'm doing AND i haven't thrown or done conditioning/physical stuff since tryouts. lazy butt.

so that's it. adios

Thursday, April 3, 2008

i'm siiiinging in the raaaaiiin...

... aside from the fact that, well, i can't sing.... and it's kinda not raining out. yet.

there, david, happy? i posted this dumb thing just for you so shut up already.

yeah, nothing exciting aside from going shopping with tia yesterday and that the sox are doing good (only 1 loss) and that the royals are *GASP!* undefeated. well, folks, there you have it, the royals are actually doing good for once. savor it now, while you can.

that's it. and you better comment, david (or anyone else), 'cause i know where you live, and remember the '1 move'-move: you'll be on the ground and you know it. >:D