Thursday, March 27, 2008

true to my hair color

had a MAJOR stupid moment.
so i went over tia's house yesterday (played the wii, sucked at it, just kinda hung out) and when mom picked me up, i noticed that the pocket that my house keys are in on my backpack was open so i was like 'ooh, crap'. my keys weren't in there so i checked in the other pocket and they weren't there either so when i got home i texted tia and she and her sisters went on a house-wide search for my keys and this morning when i opened my backpack to get my binder, guess what was in the bottom of my backpack.
so now i owe tia $2, 1 for the whole keys thing and 1 for not bringing in my Infinity on High cd. and i owe sam f. a dollar for borrowing a dollar for a poptart.

and yes, my flash drive is still m.i.a.

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