Thursday, March 6, 2008

still kinda bummed out

ok, so i'm kinda over that. you know i was kidding, right? i just put on that act to be a pest (worked, didn't it?). but i still like him as a baseball player and hopefully this season will be better for him. no ground ball facials would be nice.

and tia, if you're all about the 'mean but truthful' thing and you're so adamant about me having a crappy sense of style (ok, you didn't say it like that but that's basically what you meant), you need to come over and tell me what to do with what i have 'cause i'm not spending a fortune on clothes i'm never gonna wear.

and lauren, we need to get together sometime just to hang out and so i can get my christmas extended present crown of thorns plant. you know my number.

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