Monday, March 10, 2008

"ok, guys, we need to get rid of some of these balls!"

bowling yesterday. fun.
so most of you know how i CAN NOT make direct eye contact with people without looking away or laughing, so yesterday, i was cleaning my glasses and stupid was looking at me directly in the eyes, and i tried to keep eye contact and not laugh, but eventually it got annoying so i poked him in the eye REALLY REALLY hard so i'm like 'omg i am SOOOO sorry' and he's like 'yeah, whatever, liar'. i'm like 'no seriously i didn't mean to poke you in the eye that hard' so he's like 'you're sorry you're bad, you're sorry you're blue, you're sorry you POKED ME IN THE EYE' and i continued the song 'and i know i cant take it skip the next line 'cause that'd be weird, and that one doesn't make sense, and neither does that one... and i just wanted to say i'm sorry' and he's like 'it's too late to apologize'. we were like, wow. that was lame

it was weird! tang told me to bowl without my glasses on just for laughs and i got a STRIKE! without my glasses on! so i tried it a few more times and whenever i bowled without them on i either got a strike or a spare so i'm like 'omg that is f***ing awesome!'

and i still felt bad about poking stupid in the eye so once i got home i called him and i'm like 'i'm sorry' and he's like 'ok...' so i thought for a second and said 'i know it's "too late to apologize" but "i just wanted to say i'm sorry"'. and once again we were like, wow. that's lame.

aah, good times good times.

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